• - Heavy Weight for sale

    No price - Sugar Land, TX

      hw drill pipe hw drill pipe features •hw drill pipes by welding—— od 3-1/2" to 5-1/2" •tool joints made separately •sufficient heat treatment, physical property optimized •easy for threading and su...

    • 2006 SECAL 1HT 105.87.34 # CT554463

      No price - Milan, Italy Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: SECAL

      plant, heat treatment pallets, grey

    • Ipsen TQ 4 Carburizing heat treatment line

      No price - Dortmund, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ipsen

      the plant consists of 3 high temperature double chamber furnaces temperature charge dimensions (w x l x h): 610 x 910 x 460 mm charge weight: 350 kg gross heating power by 850ᵒc: 300 kg/h 2 pieces ...

    • - Drill Collars for sale

      No price - Sugar Land, TX
      • Manufacturer: Drill collars

      drill collar drill collar features •high quality,unique selection •special intermediate frequency heat treatment technique •satisfies api spec7-1 requests •ut&mt inspecion •strict quality control s...

    • 1999 Sand removal and heat treatment system for aluminium parts

      No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

        brand keppel-seghers, type b3111 construction year: 1999, weight: 15 t sand removal and thermal treatment system for aluminium parts through 3 fluidization sand baths thermal treatment, type t6 dim...


        No price - Melbourne, Australia
        • Manufacturer: SENG DIN INDUSTRIAL CO

        • specially designed for noodle snack, cereal bar, rice cake ,one bite snack and for low sugar- high fibre confections or snacks • the forming part has undergone specialized heat treatment to ensur...

      • 1988 S.A. DU Four Electrique 11BD30/21 Conveyor oven, annealing furnace

        $3,866 - Freigericht, Germany
        • Manufacturer: S A DU Four Electrique

        protection gas continuous furnace performance 42kw furnace length 10 meters band width 280 mm outlet 100mm maximum temperature 1100 ° c following the commissioning of the plant parts are missing co...

      • 2002 Techno-Grafica EBO 850

        No price - Grevenbroich, Germany Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Techno-Grafica

        pressure plate oven technografica ebo 850 from built in 2002 for the processing of pre-coated on one side offset printing plates up to max. feeding width 850 mm suitable. bilateral heat treatment i...

      • 1985 SOLO Cracked ammonia generator - 646-3-1

        No price - Contamine-sur-Arve, France
        • Manufacturer: SOLO
        • Power: 3 [kW]

        technical details cracked ammonia generator for heat treatment , brazing and welding (avoiding oxydation, and coloration). at output, constant composition of 25% nitrogen, 75% hydrogen. for 1 kg of...


        No price - Osgodby, United Kingdom Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: FLEMING

        blue, attachments, other attachments, the fleming bale transporter is designed to give maximum protection to the wrapped bale while increasing the speed of collecting and delivering bales from the ...