• Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment

    $198,500 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

      vibrating fluidized bed equipment - for solids cooling and drying. fluidized bed components, which come in direct contact with product, are constructed of stainless steel, often required for food g...

    • Airstream Stainless Steel Food Grade Fluidized Bed Dryer

      $168,000 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

        airstream stainless steel food grade fluidized bed dryer - efficiently heat or dry your product, deactivate or regenerate catalyst, use as a fluidized bed reactor or adsorber or desorber of chemica...

      • 1994 HANKISON 80400 WATER COOLED DRYER TK-16291

        $2,500 - Bethlehem, PA, USA
        • Manufacturer: HANKISON

        condensing unit mfg: tecumseh compressor type: hermetic refrigeration compressor: 2 hp btu/hr-refrigeration only @ 35° evaporator & 100°f ambient: 18,000 outlet air temp (nominal at rated condition...

      • tray dryer cart with trays.all ss construction.oad 44" x 44" x 72

        No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA

          5" high, features 16 tray shelves accomodating two 40" x 20" trays per shelf, includes 30 ss trays with slotted bottoms. cart is mounted on four casters with v facured wheels for alignment into dryer.

        • Stokes 159-203 P77293 #12117

          No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Stokes

          stokes rotary vacuum dryer, model 159-203-p77293, serial # p-77724. features 10 cubic foot working capacity, total capacity 15. 4 cubic foot, shell rated for full vacuum @ 350 deg f, shell jacket i...

        • Stokes Vacuum Shelf Dryer 338f-7 #15411

          No price - Marlboro Township, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Stokes

          stainless steel vacuum shelf dryer by stokes vacuum inc. (philadelphia pa) model 338 f-7, serial # 73508. features seven 24" wide x 36 deep jacketed shelves @ 42 square foot total area, chamber hol...

        • Buflovak Double Drum Dryer

          No price - Fall River, MA, USA Recently Added
          • Manufacturer: Buflovak

          this double drum dryers is the most versatile and widely applied type of drum dryer because of its product versatility, high drying efficiency, low operating cost and long term operational reliabil...

        • 88 " Dia Anhydro Spray Dryer 12955

          No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Anhydro

          used anhydro stainless steel spray dryer. type iii, ak series 2. dimensions 9'-2" high by 88" diadrying chamber, atomizer nozzle, gas, complete system.

        • Heyl & Patterson 54 " Wide Fluid Bed Dryer 11508

          No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Heyl & Patterson

          used fluid bed dryer, 4'6" wide x 21' long bed, manufactured by heyl & patterson. high temperature, refractory lined chamber designed for 700ºf last used on mica. propane burner, 4.5 million btu/ho...

        • Wolverine Proctor 48 " Wide SS Fluid Bed Dryer 12073

          No price - Red Bank, NJ, USA
          • Manufacturer: Wolverine Proctor

          used wolverine proctor jetzone fluidized ss bed dryer. bed is 4 ft wide 20 ft long. dryer has two zones. this is a vibrating bed dryer with tubes that supply heated air that is blowen on the prod...