No price - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    • Manufacturer: Hoist

    passenger hoist single cabin redcrane china. top brand quality. model 2016 sc200/single cage, height=40m cage load: 2t/cage cage size: 3.2*1.2*2.5m mast section: 650x650x1508mm, rated speed: 0-36m/...

  • 2016 DOCKER Vertical Material Lift (hydraulic) 1300h900 mm PGK-25-13-09-UHL mast climbing platform

    $3,801 - Zaporiz'ka oblast, Ukraine
    • Manufacturer: DOCKER

    cantilever lift - is a lifting device, used for inclined or vertical movement of cargo to a predetermined height. cantilever lift consists of a self-supporting mast with guiding profile, loading pl...


    $7,221 - Romania
    • Manufacturer: TURN

    country: romania | division: construction equipment | extra options: rental possibility

  • 2016 GlasLift Gerenuk® 500

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: GlasLift

    the gerenuk®500 is hydraulic, remote controlled multi-lifts that can be mounted on all types of telescopic loaders, cranes and other types of lifting gear, which are normally used for lifting const...

  • 1994 Paus Bauaufzug ASA 36 WH-K

    $7,275 - Emsbüren, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Paus

    paus construction lift asa 36 wh-k year of construction 1994 payload 200 kg lift 36 m honda petrol engine wheels on head / bend professional flatbed lower extension can be adjusted infinitel...

  • 2016 GlasLift 550 TERRAIN

    No price - Denmark
    • Manufacturer: GlasLift

    glaslift® 550 terrain is the fastest outdoor multifilter glaslift® 550 terrain is a unique and extremely fast outdoor multilifter for extra-large items. it's the world's fastest mounting machine wi...

  • 2014 金尔惠 SS100/100 物料提升机 Material hoist

    No price - China
    • Manufacturer: Hoist
    • Capacity: 2,205 lbs

    first, the main features 1, the use of national standards of the ministry of construction, with a progressive anti-fall safety device, since the platform platform, and access to national patents. ...

  • 2004 Geda 1500 Z/ZP

    $25,038 - Rzeszów, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Geda
    • Capacity: 3,307 lbs

    country: poland | division: construction equipment | maximum lift capacity: 3,307 lbs

  • 2013 Eurocrane SM Entertainment Hoists

    No price - Jiaxing, China
    • Manufacturer: Eurocrane

    main technical characteristics (version a) • class f lifting motor • enhanced safety by load limiter • electromagnetic disk brake • power supply: 400v-3ph – 50 hz / 460-60hz-3ph • pivoting upper an...

  • 2013 Eurocrane SM Entertainment Hoists

    No price - Jiaxing, China
    • Manufacturer: Eurocrane

    country: china | division: construction equipment | attachments: max load:60kg - 1000kg • the best solution - hoists designed for entertainment computer-controlled hoists • stagemaker® cyberhoist ...