• Used- Krieger Homogenizer Mixer, Model Moltomat MMU 20. Net capacity 5.3 gallons (20 liters)

    No price - Bensenville, IL
    • Manufacturer: Capacity

    45795002 used- krieger homogenizer mixer, model moltomat mmu 20. net capacity 5.3 gallons (20 liters). jacketed bowl. can be heated and cooled. vacuum-proof. planetary mixer equipped with internal ...

  • Used- Krieger Homogenizer Mixer. Net capacity 13.2 gallons (50 liters)

    No price - Bensenville, IL
    • Manufacturer: Capacity

    45795001 used- krieger homogenizer mixer. net capacity 13.2 gallons (50 liters). jacketed, can be heated and cooled. planetary mixer equipped with scraper. hydraulic lifting and lowering of lid. bo...

  • (1) used 10 HP, ROSS Disperser/High Shear Mixer/Homogenizer

    No price - Penns Grove, NJ Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Ross

    (1) used 10 hp, ross disperser/high shear mixer/homogenizer. 10 hp, 3500 rpm, 230/460 volt, explosion proof motor. shaft is 3'6" lgth. 73" overall height from top of motor to bottom of shaft, not i...

  • Pro Scientific PRO200 Homogenizer Package

    $1,395 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Pro Scientific

    pro scientific pro200 homogenizer package. comes with 12, 7xl generators. comes with multi gen adaptor. also includes stand assembly with spring loaded arm. sample volume 0.03 ml to 1 l. variable s...

  • Quadro Z5 Homogenizer

    No price - Los Angeles, CA
    • Manufacturer: Quadro

    used- quadro y-tron model z5 multi-row toothed rotor-stator mixer. (3) stage unit. rated up to 300 gpm. stator gap size in 0.5mm. driven by 40 hp, 230/460 volt, 1775 rpm, weg inverter duty/severe d...

  • Kinematica Brinkman Polytron PT 3000 Homogenizer

    $1,195 - Golden Valley, MN
    • Manufacturer: Kinematica Brinkman

    kinematica brinkman polytron pt 3000 homogenizer. sold without rotor/generator. sold with adjustable stand. variable speed control up to 30,000 rpm. sample sizes from 0.5 ml to 10 l.

  • Quadro Z-5 40 HP Homogenizer 12837

    No price - Red Bank, NJ Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Quadro

    used quadro ytron model z-5 inline mixer/ emulsifier, 3-stage rotor/ stator set, 3" inlet and 3" outlet, sanitary stainless steel construction, rated up to 300 gpm dependent on product characterist...

  • BWS Technologie S200-4-05 25 HP Homogenizer 12101

    No price - Red Bank, NJ Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: BWS Technologie

    used bws model s200-4-05 supraton inline mixer/ homogenizer, s/s bws model s200-4-05 supraton "s" series inline mixer/ homogenizer, stainless steel construction, rated app. 44 gpm (10 cubic meters/...

  • Symex Mixer Laboratory Vacuum Disperser

    No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
    • Manufacturer: Symex

    lab symex vacuum mixer homogenizer, high polished stainless, pharmaceutical grade, vacuum, jacketed, controls, excellent stock number: dpm-1584

  • Used- Greerco High Shear Homogenizer Emulsifier, Model 1-1/2 HH, 316 Stainless Steel

    No price - Bensenville, IL
    • Manufacturer: Greeco

    48280008 used- greerco high shear homogenizer emulsifier, model 1-1/2 hh, 316 stainless steel. 3-1/2" diameter stator, driven by a 3hp, 3/60/230/460 volt, 3505 rpm xp motor. approximate 150 gallon ...