• Agilent Technologies G1310B 1260 Infinity Series ISO Pump Isocratic HPLC

    $12,500 - Anaheim, CA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    agilent 1260 infinity series g1310b iso pump isocratic hplc pump ... read more

  • Waters 1515 Isocratic Pump & Column Heater

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: Waters

    includes: waters 1515 isocratic hplc pump column heater ninety (90) day warranty options: extended warranty refurbished waters 1515 isocratic pump & column heater the 1515 isocratic hplc pump is an...

  • NEW - HPLC Preparative Pumps

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: GenTech Master

    includes: preparative pump unit one (1) year warranty options: extended warranty installation and familliarization new - hplc preparative pumps the new hplc preparative pumps by ecom are sophistica...

  • Waters 515 HPLC Pump

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: Waters

    includes: ninety (90) day warranty options one (1) year warranty available refurbished waters 515 hplc pump features: programmable, free-standing hplc pump in the isocratic configuration precise ...

  • Varian HPLC System

    $4,999 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Varian

    an analytical to semi-preparative hplc system used for laboratory-scale separation, detection, and collection of biomolecules. item-specific notes: isocratic hplc system with varian prostar 210 pu...

  • Shimadzu Prominence LC-20A HPLC with RID

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    includes: reservoir tray cbm-20 controller dgu-20a degasser lc-20at isocratic pump sil-20ac autosampler cto-20a column oven refractive index detector ezstart data system cables & manuals ninety (90...

  • Agilent 1200 Quaternary Pump (G1311A)

    No price - Arcade, NY
    • Manufacturer: Agilent

    includes: can cable manual one (1) year in-house repair warranty refurbished agilent 1200 quaternary pump (g1311a) this agilent 1200 quaternary pump, model# g1311a, is fully refurbished and teste...

  • VARIAN 2510 isocratic pump

    $1,350 - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Varian

    a 90 day warranty is included.

  • Dionex IP20 Isocratic Pump

    $2,900 - Markham, Canada
    • Manufacturer: Dionex

    specification pump dual-piston, variable speed, 100 µl (standard bore), 25 µl(microbore) stroke; user-selectable constant pressure or constant flow feedback control flow rate standard bore pump hea...

  • TSP P100 Isocratic Pump

    $2,200 - Markham, Canada

      tsp p100 is dual piston pulseless flow gives the highestsensitivity, long column life and reproducible retention times. the tsp p100 microprocessor based diagnostics monitorsinstrument and flow per...