No price - La Porte, TX, USA Recently Added

      recycle gas electric heater; mfg. by caloritech; 520 kw capacity rating; 480 volts; horizontal; shell 600 psi @ 1000 deg. f.; control panel @ w1e2;


      No price - La Porte, TX, USA Recently Added

        unused; 551 cfm (peak) process combustion thermal oxidizer; model npo-1192-28; dual burner design; vertical design with vertical main combustion chamber; od 36" x 168"; with a 40' exhaust stack; ma...


        No price - La Porte, TX, USA Recently Added

          born mfg; box type; job #703-b; 1 burner in each end; skidded; up-flow type; 3" c.s. tubes; gas-fired; 6'wide x 27'lg. x 12' high; tubes installed with arch design; convectio...


          No price - La Porte, TX, USA Recently Added

            mfg. by first thermal systems in 1987; model 50-2-2 hhc-pf-g; fuel- natural gas @ 95 psig; input heater duty- 711,500 btu/hr; output heater duty- 500,000 btu/hr; thermal fluid-therminol 7.5; outl...

          • New 40' Indirect Fired Thermal Desorption Plant with Vapor Recovery System

            $2,845,000 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

              new 40' indirect fired thermal desorption plant with vapor recovery system - consists of one 40' indirect fire rotary kiln (stainless steel), combustion chamber with a gas/oil burner and an auxilia...

            • Vibrating Fluidized Bed Equipment

              $198,500 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

                vibrating fluidized bed equipment - for solids cooling and drying. fluidized bed components, which come in direct contact with product, are constructed of stainless steel, often required for food g...

              • Vulcan® 3620 Rotary Dryer

                $299,500 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

                  vulcan® 3620 rotary dryer - 36" diameter x 20' long parallel flow rotary dryer. dryer chain and sprocket drive powered by a 5 hp electric motor. final drive speed of 5 rpm. features include grooved...

                • Vulcan® 1 Ton Compact Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit

                  $998,000 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

                    vulcan® 1 ton compact mobile thermal desorption unit - one ton per hour indirect thermal desorption unit*. 36" diameter x 15' heated length rotary kiln with a maximum energy input of approximately ...

                  • Bethlehem Indirect Fired (Inconel) Rotary Calciner

                    $385,000 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

                      bethlehem indirect fired (inconel) rotary calciner - 2' diameter x 15'6" long stainless steel heated zone. overall drum length is approximately 21'. 4' diameter brick refractory lined furnace is he...

                    • Vulcan® 7' D x 28' L Carbon Steel Rotary Drum

                      $215,000 - Moberly, MO, USA Recently Added

                        vulcan® 7' d x 28' l carbon steel rotary drum - this drum is designed for high temperature incinerating or calcining applications. the drum is equipped with screw flighting at the feed end of the d...