• PILLAR Induction Melting Furnace, For Aluminum or Copper

    • Manufacturer: PILLAR

      pillar 450 kw, 600 hz mk-8 power supply, 480vac input, new 2002 used for non ferrous, used for aluminum and copper with micro processor control high conductivity water cooled buss bars water cooled power leads (1...

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      Solon, OH, USA
    • Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace - Pillar VIM

      • Manufacturer: IONEX - PILLA Induction

        1992 large ionex melt unit. houses a 260 lb. vessel with a rotatable table. sn: 2738. the table also moves up and down for accurate pouring capabilities. the tilt has a hydraulic assist for smooth operation. the ...

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        Michigan, United States
      • Inductotherm Induction Furnace, Foundry Duty, Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Melting

        • Manufacturer: INDUCTOTHERM

          inductotherm induction melting system, year 2004 (low hours) vip power trak, s/n 04k-183915-246-21 225 kw, 3200 hz, 1650 volts 460v/3/60 150 lb. hydraulic tilting box, cables 150 lb. hydraulic tilting box, cables...

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          Solon, OH, USA
        • Inductotherm Induction Melting System - 12T

          • Manufacturer: Inductotherm

            1998 inductotherm induction melting system, previously used for iron, vip power trak 2500-r, 2500 kw, 150 hz, with (1) 12 ton steel shell furnace, bus bars, power cables, hydraulic pump, water pumps, spare coil. ...

            Sheffield, United Kingdom

            • Manufacturer: RAM

              machine# 13085 manufacturer - ajax electric furnace corp. type - 129 double ram tilt induction furnace melting furnace furnace capacity - 3000 lbs./hr. furnace pot holding capacity - approx. 6000-6500 lbs. mater...

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              North Branford, CT, USA
            • melting furnace ABB - electro induction

              • Manufacturer: ABB

                - gas burner, power 465kw - induction power 400 kw - capacity 15 000kg melted zinc - melting capacity: 5 tons per hour

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                Casa Grande, AZ, USA
              • Induction furnace, Inductotherm 15 t (warm holding and melting)

                    power: 1000 kw, frequency: 300 hz year off construction 1999-putting in service 2000 ! primary voltage: 10 000 v composed of: 1 furnace 1 transformer 1 hydraulic station 1 cooling station 1 capacitor rack 1 pusho...

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                    Amel, Belgium
                  • 2001 Induction furnace JUNKER 4 t

                        type: wa32181, serial number: mftge4000 construction year: 2001 weight: 40 t power: 2200 kw - 2640 kva frequency: 250 hz installed on load cells electric control siemens s7 complete system consisting of: - 1 furn...

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                        Amel, Belgium
                      • Small induction furnace with centrifuge for noble metals

                            brand saed, type 05/2/mha15, serial number 810 weight: 250 kg 220 v external dimensions: 1400 mm x 680 mm, h. 1050 mm inside bobbin: ø +/- 70 mm, useful height +/-70 mm combined with centrifugal unit with water pump

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                            Amel, Belgium