• 2004 Horizon Horizont Verkehrsleittafel VWT E

    $14,654 - Stadland, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Horizon

    traffic light panel horizon vwt e bj. 2004, the panel has led technology, the batteries work, the panel can also be taken on a piggyback due to its narrow construction, see picture. price vb 16.66...

  • 1990 Arbeitsbühne Grove MZ 66 Diesel Tel

    $9,317 - Stadland, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Grove

    self-propelled work platform grove mz 66, the stage is a telescopic stage and the platforn goes to a maximum of 18,30 m which gives a working height of 20m. the basket, like the whole structure, i...

  • 2008 Hemos Bankettfräse BSL Bj. 2008

    $45,237 - Stadland, Germany
    • Manufacturer: BJ

    hemos banquet tiller bsl year 2008 the tiller is fully operational, the sale is done without the john deere tractor. for further information please contact us by phone. price 51,170.00- euro (43,...


    $5,549 - Kirchdorf an der Krems, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Krpan

    wire inlet roller at top, rope inlet roller at the bottom gw ,; artno.:758725

  • Krpan 8EH

    $3,520 - Kirchdorf an der Krems, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Krpan

    2m shield, 90m rope dm 12mm, gw, funk; item no .: 68316495

  • John Deere AUTOTRAC

    $11,024 - Enns, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: John Deere
    • Model: AUTOTRAC

    autotrac steering system incl. gs2630 with rtk and autotrac release, starfire 300 with radio rtk modem universal wiring harness atu200 (not on the pictures); artno.:6211111

  • 2007 Uniforest AL 1600 EH

    $2,063 - Kalsdorf bei Graz, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Uniforest

    80m / 12mm rope sealed; item no .: 68316631 condition info: second-hand machine

  • 2014 Uniforest 85 H PRO

    $4,096 - Wies, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Uniforest

    8.5 tonnes, rope inlet roller at the bottom artno.:010549

  • 2016 Krpan 9,5 EH - 200 LAGERMASCHINE NEU

    $8,738 - Wiener Neustadt, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Krpan

    top rope reel up, rope inlet roller bottom, support hydr. swivelable polish sign, schembreite 2.0m, compressed rope 100m 13 mm, through radio height adjustable sub rope circuit dns, terra funk fa...

  • 2014 Uniforest SCORPION PRO

    $3,195 - Aschbach bei Fürstenfeld, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Uniforest

    rotator endrotator, lateral tilting hydr. + -40 °, hydr. excl. c, hydr. extension, mech. control block, only 1dw control unit no; new condition; item no .: 4701541