• Sonstige Kälberbox Eigenbau

    • Manufacturer: Eigenbau

      (lager golling) type: kälberbox eigenbau

      Golling an der Salzach, Austria
    • Sonstige Mauki GX 200

      • Manufacturer: Sonstige

        mauki mice deodorants gx 200, honda engine 5.5 hp, exhibition equipment

        Westendorf, Germany
      • 1998 Stepa HDC 33.85S

        • Manufacturer: Stepa

          hay crane 2 x telescopic arm with schoppeinrichtung, track 1,80m, joystick control with foot pedals, pliers width 1m, with ledscheinwerfer, range approx. 8,5m, without rails, as stands, net price

          No price
          Westendorf, Germany
        • 1995 Stepa HDK 4090S

          • Manufacturer: Stepa

            hay crane (approx. 9m), track 3m, joystick control and foot pedals, length of pliers approx. 1m, with approx. 20m crane rails (without power cable)

            Westendorf, Germany
          • Other Stekro 180

            • Manufacturer: Sonstige

              for sale is a new stekro crocodile gripper with euro receptacle, year of construction 2016, width 180cm, depth 71cm, height 75cm. the crocodile bite is hydraulically operated double acting. the opening width is 1...

              Grafenstein, Austria
            • IBR Botsch HOS 33

              • Manufacturer: IBR Botsch

                unloading forage harvester, 2.5 m intake strainer, 4 knives, electric motor, cable and plug

                Oberhof, Switzerland
              • Sonstige Hörmann Tor in gutem Zustand

                • Manufacturer: Sonstige

                  tent for storage hall for storage event tent pasture tent 3,96 wide, 4,80 high, with fence, remote control on request, ideal for stable and warehouse, location 6830 rankweil, gate is dismantled and cleaned.

                  Rankweil, Austria
                • 2014 Schneeberger NSGL 85 Notstromaggregat/Zapfwelle

                  • Manufacturer: Schneeberger
                  • Hours: 5

                  snowmaker nsgl 85 power take off, power 74 kw, power 134 a, generator 93 kva, 3x schuko, 1x cee5 16 a, 1x cee5 32 a, 1x cee 5 63 a, 1x cee 5 125 a, dimensions: 143 cm x 100 cm x 120 xm, weight: 575 kg, anabu thre...

                  Rankweil, Austria
                • 1989 Brunnhuber LK3 Telerobot

                  • Manufacturer: Brunnhuber

                    hay crane brunnhuber lk3 telerobot mit kurvenfahrwerk inp200, spur 2,50m, grundgreifer 80cm

                    Thal, Austria
                  • 1997 Brunnhuber Brunnhuber LK3 S Eurosilent III

                    • Manufacturer: Brunnhuber

                      hay crane brunnhuber lk3 s eurosilent iii grundgestell 2,50m spur, kranfahrwerk für inp200,

                      Thal, Austria