• S&T Industries (Scherr Tumico) 20-1600

    • Manufacturer: S&T Industries (Scherr Tumico)

      make: s&t industries (scherr tumico) model: 20-1600 serial: g085001 quadra-chek 200 digital read out edge detection angular measurment profile illumination surface illumination 10x lens 120 volts 1ph 60 cycle wor...

      Watertown, CT, USA
    • Blanchette Sheffield 513-hg

      • Manufacturer: Blanchette Sheffield

        sheffield mdl 513hg super precision micrometer w/ blanchette btg-1 dro - bg-4 condition: used

        United States
      • Brunson 771-H

        • Manufacturer: Brunson

          precision telescope optics mounted on a solid cast bronze horizontal axle combine to produce a well-balanced instrument with feather-touch controls. patented ball bearing mounts permit accurate sweeping of both h...

          Morrisville, PA, USA
        • MRSI 505 Assembly Work Cell - Pick & Place

          • Manufacturer: MRSI

            ultra-precise, high speed, vision guided, flexible, inline. large work surface accommodates most input and output options. inspection station with bottom mounted camera. solid granite overhead and base platform t...

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            Duncan, SC, USA

            • Manufacturer: Helmel

              helmel "checkmaster" coordinate measuring machine type rmt model: 216-142 s/n: 50-02 new: 2005 specifications: x = 16" y = 20" z = 14" weight - 330 lbs 22" x 18" granite table surface 36" x 23" overall table top ...

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              Harrison, NJ, USA
            • Agilent HP 4285A 001

              • Manufacturer: Agilent

                agilent hp precision lcr meter, 75 khz to 30 mhz with internal dc bias in stock the agilent 4285a precision lcr meter is a cost-effective solution for component and material measurement. for demanding rf componen...

                United States
              • Agilent HP 4285A

                • Manufacturer: Agilent
                • Model: 4285A

                  keysight technologies (agilent hp) 4285a precision lcr meter in stock condition: used the agilent 4285a precision lcr meter is a cost-effective solution for component and material measurement. for demanding rf co...

                  United States
                • Numerex DMM-636 SHAFT CHECKER CMM, 12" x 36" CAPACITY, AIR TAILSTOCKS, DRI

                  • Manufacturer: Capacity

                    numerex shaft measuring machine (dmm 636) are used widely for automotive crank and cam checks, engine shaft components, turbine, transmission, pump, copier, and general shaft measuring. lengths, steps, grooves, d...

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                    Harrison, NJ, USA
                  • 2009 SPEA 4040 Flying Probe Tester 677

                        4040 multimode sbl; std speed; high accuracy ; 500x400mm (20x16") board locking system with pcb height compensator for sbl 100 automatic tester interface for sbl predisposed for 1040 tp system power supply; three...

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                        El Paso, TX, USA
                      • 2012 Yamaha YSi-12 661

                        • Manufacturer: Yamaha

                          yamaha ysi-12 high speed-high precision hybrid aoi (2012) - type: kkh-000 - serial number: y27990 - made in: japan - power: ac 200/208/220/230, 1 phase - dimensions: 125l x 160w x 165h - year: 2012 - software ver...

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                          El Paso, TX, USA