• Unbranded Nanometrics 7201-1267 Wafer Inspection/Measuring Station W/Newport Table

    $17,596 - Chandler, AZ
    • Manufacturer: Newport

    template nanometrics 7201-1267 wafer inspection/measuring station w/newport table ... read more

  • Pratt & Whitney Digital Measuring

    $10,999 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Whitney

    pratt & whitney digital measuring machine supermicrometer model c 24" .00001" condition: used


    No price - Des Plaines, IL
    • Manufacturer: Heidenhain

    acceptance testing measure both dynamic and static components of deviation dynamic measurements provide information on contouring behavior static measurements provide measurement of position deviat...

  • Instrumentation Laboratory Video-12

    $2,500 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Instrumentation Laboratory
  • 2001 AUTO CON CNC Laser / Drilling Inspection System

    No price - Elk Grove Village, IL
    • Manufacturer: Haas

    laser design: auto con | laser system: powergator 355 | equipped with: sound and clean room with lambda physik model dpss, engineered and designed, hand held controller, #5 micron water filter, la...

  • OGP Flare

    $14,500 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: OGP

    measurex metrology software led back light smartring light joystick control manuals

  • View Engineering Bazic 12

    $1,500 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: View Engineering
  • OGP Flash 200

    $18,500 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: OGP

    crated shipping weight, approx 500 lbs. new hard drive with windows 2000 professional os new flat screen monitor keyboard dc servos with variable speed joystick color camera new programmable smartr...

  • OGP Avant Zip 300

    $19,900 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Avant

    preliminary specifications: equipped with: computer system  w/ measuremind 3d m ultisen sor so ftware new flat screen monitor programmable smartring light field of view processing granite base univ...

  • OGP Flash 400

    $27,500 - Dayton, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: OGP

    specifications: measuring range: standard immumination: estimated shipping weight, approx 3500 lbs. equipped with: computer system windows 2000 professional operating system measuremind 3d multisen...