• GC-APPI Interface for LTQ Orbitrap

    • Manufacturer: MasCom Technologies GmbH

      including: gc-appi interface for ltq orbitrap one (1) year manufacturer's warranty options: gentech certified ltq orbitrap systems gentech certified gc systems new- thermo trace 1310 gc elevating ionbench for gc ...

      No price
      Arcade, NY, USA
    • GC-APPI Interface & Refurbished GC for Thermo Exactive

      • Manufacturer: Thermo

        includes: gc-appi interface refurbished thermo gc with s/s inlet driver for xcalibur 2.0 one (1) year manufacturer's warranty options: elevating ionbench adaptor for right or left side gc use extended warranty gc...

        No price
        Arcade, NY, USA

        • Manufacturer: International

          9719 solartron sl1287 1287 electrochemical interfacemodel: sl1287serial: 00135321volt: 100-120/220-240hz: 48-65usee 9719box/skid/crate size: 24x24x12b ...

          $6,000 (USD)
          Minneapolis, MN, USA
        • Interface Bottle CE-418

              interface bottle - 24" x 10' x 1440# bottle, ser # cec-13-u1852

              No price
              Oklahoma, United States
            • AGILENT 81618A Single Channel Optical Head Interface Module

              • Manufacturer: Agilent

                the agilent 81618a single head optical interface module operates when installed in the agilent 8163a / 8163b lightwave multimeter, the agilent 8164a / 8164b lightwave measurement system, and the agilent 8166a / 8...

                $1,300 (USD)
                Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
              • AGILENT 81619A Dual Channel Optical Head Interface Module

                • Manufacturer: Agilent

                  the agilent 81619a dual channel optical head interface module (plug-in) is for use with lightwave multimeter mainframes 8163a/b, 8164a/b or 8166a/b. it also requires an agilent 81623b/4b/6b/8b optical head. wavel...

                  $2,000 (USD)
                  Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
                • JDSU TB-2310 Consists of TB2000-V6 User Interface module and TB2310-OC48DFC

                  • Manufacturer: JDSU

                    -->-->-->--> jdsu tb-2310 consists of tb2000-v6 user interface module and tb2310-oc48dfc unit includes a 30 day warranty.item is sold with item ...

                    $8,795 (USD)
                    Lake Mary, FL, USA
                  • Gilson 506C System Interface

                    • Manufacturer: Gilson

                      permits bi-directional communication by interconverting the rs-232 signal levels used by computers and the rs-422/485 signal levels required by the gilson serial input/output channel (gsioc), provides four contac...

                      $600 (USD)
                      Mountain View, CA, USA
                    • Festo Solenoid Valves Bus Interface Unit

                      • Manufacturer: Festo

                        festo solenoid valves bus interface unit iifg-02-1/8-14-bu tn 18 755 mounting plate, max psi: 145, max bar 10. serie: d202 55448 24v dc qty:4 of festo jmvh-5 1/8 b-vi 110512 145psi d502 solenoid valve qty:2 of fe...

                        $600 (USD)
                        Ventura, CA, USA
                      • UDT S380 Dual Channel Optometer IEEE 485 Interface

                        • Manufacturer: UDT

                          udt s380 dual channel optometer ieee 485 interface

                          $1,000 (USD)
                          Ventura, CA, USA

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