• AGILENT 11980A Lightwave Fiber Optic Interferometer

    • Manufacturer: Agilent

      the agilent 11980a is a mach-zehnder interferometer of fixed delay. used with an agilent 71400-series lightwave signal analyzer, it allows ,you to measure chirp and frequency modulation (fm) on dfb lasers. tradit...

      $550 (USD)
      Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
    • Epitt Interferometer

      • Manufacturer: Laytec

        epitt controller

        No price
        Seoul, South Korea
      • Zygo 24" RF

        • Manufacturer: Zygo

          zygo 24" rf reference flat w/ zygo model 2424 zerodur interferometer optical condition: used

          $34,999 (USD)
          United States
        • Inter ferometer 9243

              9243 inter ferometer tropel  9000  interferometer

              No price
              San Diego, CA, USA
            • Inter ferometer Laser 11228

                  11228 inter ferometer laser mcbain reichert laser interferometer

                  No price
                  San Diego, CA, USA
                • ForteBio Octet QK Molecule Characterization

                  • Manufacturer: International

                    fortebio octet qk biolayer interferometer just removed from closed facility. includes upgraded computer and 9.0 data analysis and acquisition soft ...

                    $20,000 (USD)
                    Tacoma, WA, USA
                  • ADVANTEST Q7606A Optical Chirpform Test Set

                    • Manufacturer: Advantest

                      the advantest q7606a optical chirpform test set is a lightwave modulation test set, used together with a digital sampling oscilloscope, to separately measure and evaluate the chirp (frequency-modulated / fm) and ...

                      $10,000 (USD)
                      Hamilton Township, NJ, USA
                    • Advantest Q8347

                      • Manufacturer: Advantest

                        advantest q8347 details advantest q8347 advantest q8347 optical spectrum analyzer uses a michelson interferometer. the larger mechanical configuration of the interferometer allows max. resolutions of 1 pm or 1 g...

                        $27,878 (USD)
                        Lake Mary, FL, USA
                      • Keysight-Agilent 10751A

                        • Manufacturer: Agilent

                          keysight-agilent 10751a details keysight-agilent 10751a air sensor the agilent 10751a environmental sensor measures air temperature and pressure. the sensor, used in agilent laser interferometer systems, detects ...

                          No price
                          Lake Mary, FL, USA
                        • Drytek DRIE-100 Cassette Planar Plasma Wafer Etcher System

                          • Manufacturer: Drytek

                            drytek drie-100 cassette planar plasma wafer etcher system uses chlorine- and fluorine-based chemistries for etching various si, polysilicon, nitride, tungsten, tungsten silicide films.+ low energy etching for mi...

                            $2,500 (USD)
                            Ventura, CA, USA

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