• C.R. Onsrud Model 3024 Inverted Router

    No price - Portland, OR Recently Added

      one (1)used c.r. onsrud model 3024 inverted router. year/cond: 1992 / good condition, s/n 30735 low usage voltage: was originally wired for 230v, 3ph, 60hz now wired for 460 volts. 30" throat capac...

    • AMG EVOS fl Digital Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

      $8,999 - San Diego, CA
      • Manufacturer: AMG

      the evos fl is a fully integrated inverted microscope imaging system for a variety of applications. it is compact and portable. the built-in monitor eliminates the need to look through eyepieces an...

    • Olympus Model PMD Inverted Microscope

      No price - Warren, MI
      • Manufacturer: Olympus

      inverted metallurgical microscope, objectives: mplan 5x, 10x, 40x, & 100x, eyepieces whk 10x/20l, 30 watt light source, 5mp digital camera & software, (1) used olympus, model pmd, inverted metallur...

    • BFT Model HSWC-15 Inverted Bottle Rinser

      No price - Bannockburn, IL
      • Manufacturer: Bft

      last running .5l, 1l & 1.5l water bottles


      $8,500 - Rochester, NY
      • Manufacturer: Olympus

      division: lab equipment | condition info: not specified


      $3,750 - United States
      • Manufacturer: C.R. Onsrud

      southeast us rigger: not required | weight: 1200 lbs. | electric: 230 volt 60 cycle 3 phase | year of man.: 1997 | shipping footprint: 36" (length) x 54" (width) x 60" (height)

    • Zeiss Axiovert40C Inverted Phase Contrast Microscope

      $5,240 - Ontario, NY
      • Manufacturer: Zeiss

      zeiss axiovert40c inverted phase contrast microscope 12v 35watt illumination 10x/20mm widefield adjustable eyepieces paired 10x a-plan 0.25na ph1 20x ld-a plan 0.30na 4.2mm wd power cord, dust cove...

    • Leica DMIRB Inverted Modulation Contrast Microscope

      $12,000 - Ontario, NY
      • Manufacturer: Leica

      division: lab equipment | condition info: not specified

    • UNITRON Model Series MS Inverted Metallurgical Microscope

      No price - Warren, MI
      • Manufacturer: Nikon

      inverted brightfield only metallurgical microscope, objectives: unitron: m10/0.25, m20/0.40, m40/0.65, nikon: mplan 100, binocular eyepieces: 2 nikon cfw10x, x-y mechanical, miscellaneous filters, ...

    • 1980 88" Herr Voss Precision Inverted 6-HI Leveler

      No price - Wayne, MI Recently Added

        model no. 102/2.687 - 19/9 - 6hi lr 6-hi design inverted leveler line includes: 19 work rolls: 2.678" diameter 9 flights top & bottom back-ups quick open & close intermediate rolls spares