• Dionex DX 500 Ion Chromatography System

    • Manufacturer: Dionex

      dionex ic system including as50 autosampler, as50 thermal compartment, ed50 electrochemical detector, gs50 gradient pump, pc10 pneumatic controller, a ...

      $6,000 (USD)
      Salisbury, NC, USA
    • Dionex DX-600 Dionex DX 600 Dionex DX600 Ion Chromatography System

      • Manufacturer: Dionex

        dionex dx-600 dionex dx 600 dionex dx600 ion chromatography system used tested and working available with existing instrument computer - includes connecting cabling, etc this system includes: dionex gs50 gradient...

        No price
        Manasquan, NJ, USA
      • Dionex GP40 Pump Dionex GP-40 Pump Dionex Ion Chromatography Pump

        • Manufacturer: Dionex

          dionex gp40 pump dionex gp-40 pump dionex ion chromatography pump used refurbished when shipped

          No price
          Manasquan, NJ, USA
        • Dionex Ion Chromatography Set

          • Manufacturer: Dionex

            dionex ion chromatography set ics-1000 rcu-510 uvd-510 pru-510 pru-510 uci-50 tcc-3000 cms pc

            $8,999 (USD)
            Tustin, CA, USA
          • Metrohm 761/766 Fully Refurbished Ion Chromatography system (anions)

            • Manufacturer: Metrohm

              this is a metrohm ic system set up for anion analysis. the instrument is in working condition and has been recently tested. chromatogram overlaying a ...

              $9,500 (USD)
              Calgary, Canada
            • Dionex ICS-5000 Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD)

              • Manufacturer: Dionex

                includes: dionex vwd (pn: 070220) wavelength range: 190–900nm flow cell 11 µl single-channel ninety (90) day warranty options: installation and familiarization extended warranty dionex ics-5000 variable wavelengt...

                No price
                Arcade, NY, USA
              • Dionex DX-500 DX500 Ion Chromatograph

                • Manufacturer: Dionex

                  dionex dx-500 dx500 ion chromatograph complete, ready to use ion chromatography system. as40 autosampler, eluent organizer with a bottle, and computer. includes gp40 pump, cd20 conductivity detector, lc20 chromat...

                  $17,500 (USD)
                  United States
                • Dionex IC (Ion Chromatography) Components

                  • Manufacturer: IC

                    ed 40 electrochemical detector ad 20 absorbance detector eg 40 eluent generator lc 20 chromatography enclosure as 40 automated sampler * gp 40 gradient pump a 90 day warranty is included.

                    $13,500 (USD)
                    Markham, Canada
                  • Dionex Ics-3000 Ion Chromatography System

                    • Manufacturer: ICS

                      features the ics-3000 ion chromatography system provides an impressive combination of increased productivity, expanded capabilities, and improved performance. innovations in all modules provide up to an order of ...

                      No price
                      Markham, Canada
                    • Dionex LC20 LC-20 Chromatography Enclosure

                      • Manufacturer: Dionex

                        comes with a peek injection valve for manual or autosampler injection dimensions: 50 x 22.5 x 49 cm optional second panel with additional peek injection valve

                        $2,400 (USD)
                        Hayward, CA, USA

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