• Jasco HPLC system, Jasco AS-951 intelligent sampler, Jasco TC 1500 Temp control unit

    No price - Markham, Canada

      jasco as-951 intelligent sampler jasco dg-1580-54 4 line degasser jasco tc-1550 temp control unit jasco co-965 column oven jasco pu-1580 intelligent hplc pump jasco uv-1570m intelligent uv detector...

    • Jasco DG-980-50 3-Line HPLC Degasser

      $900 - San Diego, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Jasco

      this jasco dg-980-50 ( dg98050) 3-line ( 3 line ) hplc vacuum degasser is in excellent condition.

    • Beckman HPLC System Gold remote interface module Almost New - High Pressure Liquid Chromatograph 120V

      $5,000 - Hamilton, Canada
      • Manufacturer: Beckman

      high pressure liquid chromatograph 120v with fluorescence detector (jasco, fp-2020, 115v/425v) and remote inerface module. purchased in january 2004 a ... read more

    • Jasco LG-980-02

      $820 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Jasco

      jasco hplc tertiary gradient unit lg 980-02. analogue panel. 3-way input. good condition.

    • Jasco FP-1520 24702

      $2,500 - Burladingen, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Jasco

      jasco fluorescence detector fp-1520. 230 v. 50/60 hz. 425 w. ld cell. ex and em wavelength 220-700 nm. operating field. display. interfaces: rs232, lc-net analogue.

    • Jasco Pu-1585 Intelligent HPLC Pump

      No price - Markham, Canada

        this jasco pu-1585 intelligent hplc pump is in great condition. a 90 day warranty is included. multiple available

      • Jasco CO-2067 Plus HPLC Column Oven

        No price - Markham, Canada

          specification temperature control range: -15°c below ambient to 65°c temperature setting range: 4°c - 65°c(set in increments of 0.1°c) temperature control precision: ±0.1°c(when temperature is set ...

        • JASCO X-LC Series HPLC System

          No price - Markham, Canada

            * two jasco 3185pu xtreme high pressure pump * jasco 3080dg degasser * jasco 3059as autosampler jasco 3180mx mixing unit a 90 day warranty is included.

          • HPLC JASCO Fluorescence Detector

            $2,075 - Pliening, Germany
            • JASCO AS-2059Plus Intelligent Sampler

              No price - Markham, Canada

                specification sample injection method variable sample volume injection method (sample loss zero) number of samples 120 (2.0 µl vials, standard rack) 224 (0.3 µl vials, micro-volume rack) 96 x2 (96-...