• Hundegger K1 Joinery machine

    $81,439 - Neuwied, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hundegger

    if you have questions, please call me! no guarantee, no return! bestmann holzbau gmbh peter bestmann auf der lay ad ems

  • SCHNEIDER Carpentry joinery machine

    No price - Höpfingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schneider

    cutting height 200 mm condition info: used machine einsatzbereit

  • 2014 Essetre Techno Fast CNC joinery machine

    No price - Detmold, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Essetre

    cnc joinery machine with robotic head. milling spindle with double output. router with hsk-63-f interface and saw d600mm 6 axes controlled. max. bearbeitunsmasse ca.620 x 250mm more on request. min...

  • 1991 KRUESI CM 40 BLOCKHAUS Abbundanlage

    No price - Pähl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: KRUESI

    1 used type block house joinery machine by karim. cm 40 with automatic siemens positioning control compound miter saw quad cutter with kling grist milling heads, the most beautiful log cabin corner...

  • 1995 Hundegger P10 Abbundanlage

    No price - Söhlde, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hundegger

    used fully automatic joinery machine with automatic planer, milling cutter etc including extraction -. complete equipment see word document


    No price - Pähl, Germany
    • Manufacturer: TECHNOWOOD - Typ UNITEAM

    1 used uniteam techno wood - cnc joinery machine 2 x 5 axes the workpiece is pushed through the machining center, the portal is established up to 3500 mm working width on three sides possible built...

  • 2010 KRÜSI G1

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: KRÜSI

    krÜsi g1 used machine we offer: 1 used joinery machine of manufacturer's karim - krüsimatic g1 type. year of manufacture 2010 5 axis - system zb. for cutting or milling of the schwalbenschwanzverb...

  • 1987 Kuratli ZAS joinery

    No price - Benediktbeuern, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kuratli

    1. aggregate on both sides swiveling to 45 motor 4.4 kw cut height 250 mm 2 to 45 aggregate sschwenkbar motor 4,4 kw at 450 mm blades 180 mm depth of cut 3/4. unit per 1.5 kw 105 mm cutting height ...

  • 1994 Hundegger joinery

    No price - Kanzach, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Hundegger

    dog egger k2 details from the prospectus on annex machine is already dismantled

  • 1988 REX ZA 800 S carpentry joinery

    No price - Benediktbeuern, Germany
    • Manufacturer: REX

    1 physical ablängsäge swiveling to both sides to 60 4.0 kw motor 2 aggregate horizontal slitting saw swivel up to 45 8.0 kw motor 3/4 aggregate absetzsägen swivel up to 45 per 2.2 kw motor heavy...