• 3.29 SQM TU GR FV/3 BAR SH GR 4 BAR #L0792-26

    No price - EU

      used vicarb model nec2-10 4 element vertical graphite heat exchanger. 3.29 sqmt heat transfer area. process side 18 litre capacity single pass design rated full vacuum/3 bar design pressure at 150 ...

    • 3.50 SQM TU GR 5 BAR SH CS 5 BAR #L0771-007

      No price - Europe

        used r. jenkins model gekbg-8 approximately 3.5 sqmt graphite block heat exchanger. unit rated 5.2 bar design pressure both sides at -29 to 165 deg.c. design temperature. unit is lagged and clad.

      • 33.20 SQM TU GR 3 BAR SH CS 1 BAR #KG59995

        No price - Europe

          reportedly unused graphite block vertical heat exchanger type tgkb. 33.2m2 heat exchange surface. process side rated max.5 bar pressure at 40 degc. service side rated max.5 bar pressure at 40 degc....

        • 30.65 SQM TU GR 5.2 BAR SH GR 5.2 BAR #RG8683

          No price - United Kingdom

            unused ralph coiden mdl dh-h330 s mk2 graphite block approximately 30.65m2 heat exchanger. process and service side rated working 5.2bar at 170 degc. process side connections (1) x 200mm and (1) x ...