• 2009 EUNIL ELC 1500 YL

    • Manufacturer: EUNIL ELC

      specifications and information: designed to allow the label automatically applied to printed circuit boards or final product. it could be integrated with label printers. easy and quick replacement of the label ro...

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      Baden-Württemberg, Germany
    • 2008 Rofin Sinar Powerline E20 SHG

      • Manufacturer: Rofin Sinar

        laser manufacturer: rofin sinar laser powerline e-20 shg 532nm / - green - complete set! delivery: marking systems with labeling software bearbeitungsflaeche 110 x 110 mm for metalworking and certain plastics (no...

        Saxony, Germany
      • COHERENT AVIA 355-X laser beam source

        • Manufacturer: Avia

          coherent here we offer a laser beam source from coherent. description: avia 355-x operating hours: diodes 39134/45933, head 39092 wavelength: 355nm excitation: diode-pumped laser type: nd: yag laser laser ...

          Borken, Germany
        • LIEDER Beerfill

              1 track, 2kg. cup dispenser, oblatsvejser, label dispenser, low dispenser, data labeling. cupfiller 1 track, 2kg., cup dispenser, wafer welder, label dispenser, lid dispenser, date marking.

              Hobro, Denmark
            • 2009 Hand-made Etiqueteuse + chaine de distribution 1500 bouteilles/heure Packaging equipment

              • Manufacturer: Hand-made

                rlc 20/150 - serial number: 1921 - year: 2009 - allows to place a label on a silk-screened bottle - cadence: 1500 bottles / hour - equipped with a group of two pneumatic rollers for marking, labeling and smoothin...

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              • 2015 Volkswagen Crafter Kasten 35 NAVI USB 100KW Einbauregale

                • Manufacturer: Volkswagen

                  special equipment: - airbag driver / passenger side - audio navigation system rns 6000 (front loudspeaker) - outside mirror electr. adjustable and heatable - glove compartment lockable - paint finish: metallic l...

                • 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II Kasten 310CDI PDC 3 SITZE

                  • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

                    (pts) - radioprovision - spare tire in driving tires - spare tire holder underneath frame - including car jack - seats in the driver's cab: double passenger seat. - front seat and backrest in the driver's cabin ...

                  • 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II Kasten 310CDI PDC Schwingsitz Komfor

                    • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

                      special equipment: - storage in the roof-box driver's cab - outside temperature indicator - ceiling light in the loading area with door contact - generator 180 a - rear door (opening angle 270 degrees) - wooden f...

                    • 2006 Fimer SRT 40/40/8 VA Beverage bottling line

                      • Manufacturer: Fimer

                        beverage bottling line fimer srt 40/40/8 va used machine beverage bottling line in glass bottles line hot filling into a glass bottle format from 0.3 l to 1.5 l. hot filling equipment in a glass bottle is made in...

                      • 2014 HYPERTERM HPR 130 + Oxy-Fuel Cut Harris 4 x 8 m

                        • Manufacturer: Harris

                          hyperterm hpr 130 + oxy-fuel cut harris 4 x 8 m - cnc plasma cutting machine cnc cutting machine is equipped with the latest technology for plasma and gas cutting metal, currently available on the market. feature...

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                          Krefeld, Germany