• Anritsu MS2691A

    $5,800 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    anritsu ms2691a opts: mx269016a ms269xa series signal analyzers are the very latest high performance signal analyzers for next-generation communication applications. the ms269xa series signal analy...

  • Anritsu MS2692A

    $19,900 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Anritsu

    anritsu ms2692a signal analyzer 26.5ghz, preamp 6 ghz, vsg. sales and repairs of anritsu signal generators at brl test. anritsu ms2692a /001/008/020 vector signal generator 50 hz - 26.5 ghz oprions...

  • Shimadzu MOC-120H ANA-3029

    $2,500 - San Jose, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

    this shimadzu moc-120h electronic moisture balance uses the evaporation weight loss method. this balance has a large sample pan, lcd display, and an rs232 port. the moc-120h has the ability to stor...

  • Malvern Instruments Image analysis for particle size Sysmex FPIA-2100

    $2,410 - Borken, Germany
    • Manufacturer: White

    here we offer you an image analyzer. method: image analysis for particle size and shape the sysmex fpia-2100 enables reliable and repeatable routine determination particle size and particle sha...

  • Megger BITE 2P - 246004

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      megger bite 2p - 246004 details megger bite 2p - 246004 megger bite2p catalog# 246004 battery impedance test equipment the bite 2 and bite 2p battery impedance test equipment determine the conditio...

    • HT Instruments SOLAR I-Vw PV Single Phase Certifier and I-V Curve Checker up to 15A

      $4,995 - Elgin, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Volkswagen

      ht instruments solar i-vw features: measurement of output voltage from module/string up to 1000v dc measurement of output current from module/string up to 15a dc 128 i-v curve points in std or capa...

    • Leco Carbon Sulfur Analysis CS-200 Inorganic Elementary Analysis

      $4,463 - Borken, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Leco

      here we offer you a carbon / sulfur analyzer. cs analytical system for inorganic solids with a very wide range of applications - robust universal design for use "on site" as well as in the high t...

    • Keysight Agilent HP 59307A VHF Switch

      No price - Elgin, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight agilent hp 59307a features: local-reset pushbutton allows immediate operator control front-panel pushbuttons simplify set-up hp-ib allows remote control front panel lights give quick state...

    • Keysight Agilent HP 909A Coaxial Termination

      No price - Elgin, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Agilent

      keysight agilent hp 909a features: maximum swr at 4 ghz, apc-7 (type-n): 1.05 (1.06) maximum swr at 12.4 ghz, apc-7 (type-n): 1.10 (1.11) maximum swr at 18 ghz, apc-7 (type-n): 1.25 (1.30) maximum ...

    • Rohde & Schwarz FSH13 9 kHz-13.6 GHz Spectrum Analyzer

      No price - Elgin, IL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Rohde & Schwarz

      nist calibration pricing - $595.00 rohde & schwarz fsh13 features: frequency to 3.6 ghz, 8 ghz, 13.6 ghz, or 20 ghz rbw 100 hz to 3 mhz high sensitivity, ≤141dbm, with preamp ≤161 dbm tdma power, c...