• Knauer Refractive Index Detector

    • Manufacturer: Index

      knauer refractive index detector, >knauer smartline ri detector 2300 for detection of uv inactive compounds. the differential refractometer is suitable for detecting compounds with little or no uv activity such a...

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      Manasquan, NJ, USA
    • Shimadzu MOC-120H ANA-3029

      • Manufacturer: Shimadzu

        this shimadzu moc-120h electronic moisture balance uses the evaporation weight loss method. this balance has a large sample pan, lcd display, and an rs232 port. the moc-120h has the ability to store up to 10 sets...

        San Jose, CA, USA
      • Anritsu MS2692A

        • Manufacturer: Anritsu

          anritsu ms2692a signal analyzer 26.5ghz, preamp 6 ghz, vsg. sales and repairs of anritsu signal generators at brl test. anritsu ms2692a /001/008/020 vector signal generator 50 hz - 26.5 ghz oprions: 001 rubidium ...

          United States
        • Keithley 485, Autoranging Picoammeter, 4.5 Digits

          • Manufacturer: Keithley

            the keithley 485 autoranging picoammeter is a low-cost, highly sensitive, easy-to-use instrument. the input can withstand extrememly high overloads for flexibility in a wide range of applications in test, researc...

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            Vista, CA, USA
          • Anritsu MG442A Anritsu

            • Manufacturer: Anritsu

              the mg442a is a compactly designed level generator with excellent stability and accuracy in frequency and output level. because it is a synthesized level generator, its output frequency is highly stable. it has a...

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              San Diego, CA, USA
            • Agilent Technologies Cary 300 Bio Spectrophotometer Model G9823

              • Manufacturer: Agilent

                the cary 300 bio spectrophotometer model g9823 is used for routine analysis and research.  it is a versatile uv-visible spectrophotometer with a versatile set of accessories and a large photometric range for use ...

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                East Lyme, CT, USA
              • Elementary highTOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyzer with autosampler / PC

                    elementary here we offer an analyzer. hightoc (total organic carbon) autosampler ps60-e 36 seats pc including software and accessories as shown. condition: used / used scope of delivery: (see picture) the device ...

                    Borken, Germany
                  • Shandon Consul Automated Coverslipper System Hypercenter XP Wax Bath

                        shandon here we offer a coverlipper system. automates coverslipping and maintains long-term storage quality of specimens. coverslips 400 slides per hour using permanent glass coverslips. the system reduces operat...

                        Borken, Germany
                      • Elementary highTOC (Total Organic Carbon) Analyzer with PC

                            elementary here we offer an analyzer. hightoc (total organic carbon) pc including software and accessories as shown. type: hightoc 34.10-0000 solids module 1200 ° c type: 34.00-0001 condition: used / used scope o...

                            Borken, Germany
                          • 2005 Tokyo Seimitsu RONDCOM 30C

                            • Manufacturer: 東京精密

                              maximum measuring diameter: φ250 mm left / right feed range (r axis): 125 mm upward and downward feed range (z axis): 200 mm maximum loading diameter: φ 400 mm maximum measurement height: (outer diameter 420 mm) ...

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                              Tokyo, Japan