• Laboratory mixer with heating plate

    No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: Teledyne

      1-used teledyne readco approximately one quart laboratory tabletop double sigma arm jacketed mixer, s/n 108157. last used in a food production laboratory. mixer is jacketed for 150 psi at 650˚ f, ...

    • BEETZ 10 kg laboratory mixer

      No price - Willich, Germany
      • Manufacturer: BEETZ

      capacity approx. 10 kg, stainless steel vessel, in good condition

    • CAFRAMO Laboratory

      No price - Bohemia, NY
      • Manufacturer: CAFRAMO

      1-used caframo high speed laboratory mixer, model bdc 1850, serial number 182297.  on stand, mixer has approximately 10 in. long stainless shaft with 3 in. wide pitched bladed agitator.  output spe...

    • Laboratory mixer, brand CLATRONIC, type 278

      No price - Amel, Belgium Recently Added

        serial number: 262862 weight: 5 kg movable container, Ø 250 mm, h. 200 mm 2 tools, 6 mixing speeds nominal 600 watt, maximal 1000 watt

      • 1990 ERWEKA PRS / KU 1 E

        No price - Thieux, France Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: ERWEKA

        laboratory mixer equipment: jacketed vessel with water heating system 2 vessels 3 blades: 1 beater, 1 hook, and 1 flat beater blade dished bottom driven by motor with 3 gears to mount on table inte...

      • MORIYAMA DS3 DS3 - 5MHH - S

        No price - Melbourne, Australia
        • Manufacturer: MORIYAMA DS3

        this heavy duty z arm laboratory mixer comes from the confectionery industry where it was used in the r & d section. it has stainless steel (sus304) contacts and is fitted with a jacket. the twin m...

      • KRIEGER NMU 10 Molto-Mat mixing & kneading machine

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: Krieger

        suitable as laboratory mixer or laboratory cooker, stainless steel, jacketed, polished, suitable for vacuum, trough: capacity 17,6 l, working temperature 120° c, pressure 1/2 bar jacketed: 9 l capa...

      • Ross Mixer Laboratory Double Planetary Mixer

        No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
        • Manufacturer: Ross

        ross double planetary mixer, lab size, 9 1/2" diameter x 6 1/2" diameter open bowl, stainless steel bowl and paddles, tilt back design, 3/4 hp master explosion proof motor, variable speed motor wit...

      • Symex Mixer Laboratory Vacuum Disperser

        No price - Bloomfield Hills, MI
        • Manufacturer: Symex

        lab symex vacuum mixer homogenizer, high polished stainless, pharmaceutical grade, vacuum, jacketed, controls, excellent stock number: dpm-1584