• Leica Research Microscope with Circular Stage Polarized Light DIC and

    $17,000 - Ontario, NY, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Leica

    leica research microscope with circular stage polarized light dic and both transmitted and reflected light tilting trinocular head 10x/25mm widefield eyepieces brightfield/darkfield objectives

  • Nikon E800 Ultimate Research Microscope

    $5,500 - Cary, NC, USA
    • Manufacturer: Nikon

    division: lab equipment | condition info: not specified

  • Harbinger Biotechnology Stargazer-384 Differential Light Scattering System

    $2,416 - Cridersville, OH, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Harbinger Biotechnology

    this instrument is untested, but in excellent condition. the system is incomplete and the end-user will need to supply several components before this instrument can be used in a research setting.

  • Sciex Nanospray

    $1,380 - Cridersville, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Sciex

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 the nanospray ii is in excellent cosmetic condition and includes two camera mounts and an illuminator. this instrument is untested by new life scientific technicians, but the...

  • Wave Biotech 20/50 EH

    $4,510 - Cridersville, OH, USA
    • Manufacturer: Wave Biotech

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 the wavepod ii module integrates all the instrumentation associated with the wave bioreactor 20/50 system, including optical dissolved oxygen, optical ph, and co2/o2 gas mixi...

  • STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS DG535 4 Ch Digital Delay and Pulse Generator

    $2,400 - Hamilton Township, NJ, USA

    the srs dg535 digital delay and pulse generator provides four precisely-timed logic transitions or two independent pulse outputs. the delay resolution on all channels is 5 ps, and the channel-to-ch...

  • Amplifier Research 75A220 Power

    $7,988 - Lake Mary, FL, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Amplifier Research

    many of our items include free shipping within the usa secured with our double-walled boxes and instapak foam packing to ensure your ...

  • Associated Research ASR-7715_ER0

    $5,244 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Associated Research

    associated research, inc. 7715 20kv ac hypotmax fully-automated dielectric withstand analyzer, ac hipot (used) product code: asr-7715_er0 the 7715 is a 20 kv ac hipot tester that is designed to pro...

  • Amplifier Research 725A250A

    $8,995 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Amplifier Research

    amplifier research 725a250a rf amplifier 10 khz to 250 mhz, 25 watts in stock

  • Associated Research Omnia 8106

    $5,495 - United States
    • Manufacturer: Associated Research

    associated research omnia 8106 electrical safety compliance analyzer. ac and dc hipot, insulation resistance, ground bond/ continuity, functional run and line leakage test in stock condition: recon...