• Krone Ladewagen

    • Manufacturer: Krone

      paddle mixers, all-wheel steering operating hours: k. a. | machine / device: krone loading wagons

      Gera, Germany
    • Schuitemaker Rapide 100 ladewagen

      • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

        tandemas fixed, neat carriage, double bottom chain, rotor is good!

        No price
        Gorredijk, Netherlands
      • 1992 Ladewagen Mengele

        • Manufacturer: Mengele

          with dosing rollers, is prepared operating hours: k. a. | machine / device: loading truck mengele

          Gera, Germany
        • Ladewagen Landsberg LE 3631

          • Manufacturer: Landsberg

            36 m³, 31 knives, rotor, hydr backplate, printing belt, cross conveyor belt, 3 dosing rollers, hydr attachment, + a spare part dispenser

            Gera, Germany
          • Bergmann Ladewagen mit Schneidwerk

            • Manufacturer: Bergmann

              dl brake, cross conveyor belt operating hours: k. a. | machine / device: bergmann loading wagons with cutting unit

              Gera, Germany
            • 1993 Kemper Ladewagen

              • Manufacturer: Kemper

                12 knife cutting unit, discharge belt, wooden floor ready for use

                Gera, Germany
              • 1980 Kemper Ladewagen KSL 280

                • Manufacturer: Kemper

                  loading truck good condition, on the ground some boards have to be renewed

                  Gera, Germany
                • 1991 Krone Ladewagen mit Schneidwerk

                  • Manufacturer: Krone

                    good condition operating hours: k. a. | machine / device: krone truck with cutting unit

                    Gera, Germany
                  • Bucher Monti 1 Ladewagen similar to Pöttinger Pony 1T

                    • Manufacturer: Bucher

                      small bergladewagen ideal for two-axle mower or small tractor content 15m3, ready for use other tires and cutting knives on request possible

                      No price
                      Degersheim, Switzerland
                    • Steyr Ladewagen Hamster 427

                      • Manufacturer: Steyr

                        description with 4 cutting knives, without joint shaft translate description show original internal id: 17-0048