• Ultra Tec 8" Variable Speed Sample Lapping Polishing Grinding Faceting Machine

    $1,799 - Leander, TX, USA
    • Manufacturer: STILL

    this machine is in partial working condition.  the platen stays in place due to friction from a couple of paper towels filling the clearance between the rotor in the base and the bottom of the plat...

  • Logitech Precision Lapping and Polishing Machine with ABS1 Autofeed (PM2A)

    $3,500 - Ventura, CA, USA Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Logitech

    logitech pm2a precision lapping and polishing machine with abs1 autofeed 110v 5a 60hz abs1 abrasive autofeed system speed control dial with rpm gauge with timer and cover does not include grinding ...

  • 18.7" Peter Wolters AC500,Double Side,3-Motor Design,Slurry Syst.Extra Wheels' #42065

    No price - Lincolnshire, IL, USA
      • Weight: 1,320 Lbs. (600 Kg)

      serial no. 21499/124 new - 1990 specifications: drive of lower working wheel-clockwise or counterclockwise..2-speed 53/106 rpm equipped with: tilting device of head, facilitating loading & unloadin...

    • Logitech 1PM42 58593

      $9,500 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Logitech

      pm4 precision lapping and polishing machine. integral abrasive autofeed system ensures a controlled flow of abrasive slurry to the lapping plate. convenient touch panel controls all machine functio...

    • Logitech PM4 57321

      $9,000 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Logitech

      precision lapping and polishing machine. all functions are controlled from the touch panel and displayed on individual lcds. plate speed is variable from 0 to 70 rpm. main drive timer can be set to...

    • Logitech 1WBS4 60150

      $14,950 - Freehold Township, NJ, USA
      • Manufacturer: Logitech

      wafer substrate bonding unit. for temporary wax mounting of wafers for lapping or polishing. single station bonder. automated process cycle minimizes operator involvement. excellent wafer to suppor...

    • Bothner Optical Curve Generating Lathe 60? Swivel 150mm Stroke 220VAC

      $5,000 - Ventura, CA, USA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Bothner

      wilhelm bothner wb15 optical curve generating lathe 60


      $5,950 - Thousand Oaks, CA, USA
      • Manufacturer: Buehler

      model ecomet iv with assorted polishing wheels division: machine tools

    • 31",Tamukai,No.TLP-P-810,(3) Ring,Pneum Hold Down,Process Timer,Vari-Pressure, #31194

      No price - Lincolnshire, IL, USA
        • Weight: 9,500 Lbs.

        serial no. 2264 new - 1994 specifications: equipped with: (3) 11.5" diameter conditioning hold down rings with compensation for convex and concave lapping (1) 31" polishing plate, water cooled. om...

      • Hahn & Kolb Two Wheel Fine Grinding Lapping & 2581 104

        No price - Birmingham, United Kingdom Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Kolb

        hahn & kolb two wheel fine grinding lapping & polishing machine. s/no. 200221 please note: this lot is located in glenrothes, scotland. unfortunately, there are no loading facilities available on-s...