• Molecular Devices SpectraMax Plus with Laptop and Software - CALIBRATED!

    $8,250 - Austin, TX
    • Manufacturer: Molecular Devices

    molecular devices spectra max plus cuvette and plate reader - working great! excellent functional condition! calibrated! includes lapt ... read more

  • Beckman Coulter Spectrophotometer DU 800 UV-Vis w/ Transport, Software & Laptop

    $2,910 - Lima, OH Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Beckman coulter

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 the du® 800 spectrophotometer is a pc controlled system intended for use in quantitative and qualitative analysis in biological and industrial procedures that require spectro...

  • Malvern / Sysmex FPIA 3000 Flow Particle Analyzer w Pneumatic Unit Laptop Soft

    $14,320 - Cridersville, OH
    • Manufacturer: Malvern / Sysmex

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 the sysmex fpia 3000 flow particle image analyzer and pneumatic unit are in good cosmetic condition and were manufactured in october 2006. new life scientific technicians con...

  • Tomtec 500 Series Quadra Plus Liquid Handler w/ laptop, pump, + ultrasonic wash

    $3,300 - Lima, OH
    • Manufacturer: Tomtec

    phone: 1-567-221-0615 the tomtec quadra plus 500 series liquid handler is an automated pipetting workstation that supports multiple pipettor head microliter volumes and 96/384 tip quantities for r...

  • Fujifilm LAS-4000 Luminescence Image Analyzer With Apple Power Mac Laptop Software

    $7,000 - Anaheim, CA
    • Manufacturer: MAC

    fuji film las-4000 luminescence image analyzer with apple power mac l ... read more

  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax 190 Microplate Reader With Laptop & Software

    $6,999 - Beverly Hills, CA
    • Manufacturer: Molecular Devices

    spectramax 190 absorbance microplate readerwith laptop and softwareenables data acquisition in endpoint, kinetic, and spectral scan modes at wavelengt ... read more

  • Zeiss Humphrey 710 FDT With Laptop Computer vVew Finder Software and Printer

    $5,999 - Beverly Hills, CA
    • Manufacturer: Zeiss

    zeiss humphrey 710 fdt with laptop computer fdt vvew finder software and printer and 30 day warranty humphrey fdt the humphrey? fdt visual field ins ... read more

  • MFI Vibsense Q05D016

    $2,499 - Leander, TX
    • Manufacturer: LOT

    this lot is in good working condition. we used a signal generator that was not strong enough to make our little speaker give off audible noises, but strong enough to register on the transducers and...

  • Laptop TOSHIBA Tecra # 59843

    No price - Göttingen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Toshiba

    laptop toshiba tecra, intel core i3, docking station

  • Laptop MICROSOFT # 59868

    No price - Göttingen, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Advance

    laptop microsoft, tablet keyboard, diagonal 33 cm pickup: on 10 and 11.04.2017, from 8 to 16 o'clock. large machines by appointment until 04.23.2017. later special arrangements for large machines t...