• Laserscope Lyra I Laser Yag

    $10,000 - Dallas, TX
    • Manufacturer: Laserscope

    id# 1322 laserscope lyra i – (1064nm) long-pulse nd:yag system mfg. 5/2002 includes: 10mm versastat, variable spot versastat (1-5mm), 2 pr. eyewear, footpedal, integrated cooling system, fiber pole...

  • Cooltouch Varia Breeze Laser Yag

    $15,000 - Dallas, TX
    • Manufacturer: Cooltouch

    id# 1461 ***reduced price, must go*** mfg: cooltouch model: varia breeze energy / source: nd:yag (1064nm) mfg. date: 2011 includes: coolbreeze variable spot handpiece 2-10mm, cryogen canisters, foo...

  • Palomar Q Yag V Tattoo Laser Yag

    $18,000 - Dallas, TX
    • Manufacturer: Palomar

    id# 1769 palomar q-yag v (q-switched nd:yag 1064nm system) mfg. 8/2008 includes: multi-spot handpiece, cart, key, pwr. cord, 2 pr. eyewear and operators manual. technical specifications pulsewidth...

  • Candela Mini Gentleyag Laser Yag

    No price - Dallas, TX
    • Manufacturer: Candela

    id# 1542 ** best prices, very low usage ** candela mini gentleyag long-pulse nd:yag laser mfg. 7/2004 shots: 202,812 * service, training and financing options available. includes: 1.5/3 (vr), 6/8...

  • 2007 Candela Gentle Yag

    $16,000 - Dallas, TX
    • Manufacturer: Candela

    2007 candela mini gentleyag medshare technologies financing available! 2007 candela mini gentleyag dom: 2007 sn: 9914-0950-1798 approximate system shots: 1,510,000 excellent cosmetic & operating co...


    No price - Bannockburn, IL
    • Manufacturer: LS

    70 watt control laser corp (clc) ls-900 icon yag laser engraver equipped with computer system yags yag blocks chiller

  • Lumonics YAG Laser & 3.7KW 4.5KVA Power Supply (HY750)

    $7,000 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Lumonics
    • Weight: 1005

    lumonics yag laser & 3.7kw 4.5kva power supply (hy750) laser output: 1.2j, 8ns, 1064nm 10hz 800mj 20hz 780mj output polarisation horizontal pulselength half-height full width 7ns power supply 208v ...

  • Quantronix YAG Laser Power Supply 204-12Q (114)

    $1,500 - Ventura, CA
    • Manufacturer: Quantronix
    • Weight: 515

    quantronix yag laser power supply 204-12q (114) input power: 208 vac - y -60 hz

  • Laserex Ellex LQP3106 Refurbished Portable Ophthalmic Yag Laser w Cases Super Q

    $10,000 - Tampa, FL
    • Manufacturer: Laserex Ellex

    refurbished laserex ellex lqp 3106 portable ophthalmic yag laser with pelican cases this unit is in excellent refurbished condition and has been completely serviced by our trained technicians at ou...