$2,318 - Tuscany, Italy
    • Manufacturer: SEP

    mulches brand scab, perfect condition used very little

  • 2004 GRILLO Lawnmower tractors

    $5,268 - Veneto, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Grillo

    complete with side discharge, diesel engine, the rear storage bin

  • Gianni Ferrari PG180D Lawnmower

    $5,268 - Lombardy, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Gianni ferrari

    gianni ferrari pg180d mower, diesel engine lombardini cv.18 liquid-cooled turbine inlet d.300mm increased grass catcher lt.600 hydraulic dump ground, power steering, front plate of cut cm.112 with ...

  • Gianni Ferrari GT270D Lawnmower

    $12,116 - Lombardy, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Gianni ferrari

    professional mowers gianni ferrari gt270d model, daihatsu diesel engine briggs cv.27 liquid-cooled, hydrostatic transmission, plate cutting with cm.126 command gear and hydraulic transmission, powe...

  • BCS MATRA 205 Lawnmower

    $5,268 - Tuscany, Italy
    • Manufacturer: BCS

    diesel engine, hydraulic floor drain

  • 2004 Peruzzo Koala 1600 Lawnmower

    $2,318 - Emilia-Romagna, Italy Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Peruzzo

    mulches grass used peruzzo koala 1600 wallet, 2004 characteristics / use the forage harvester koala herb is used for cutting grass and / or verticut with consecutive harvest the product, on grass f...

  • Gianni Ferrari TURBO Z230 Lawnmower

    $6,848 - Lombardy, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Gianni ferrari

    mower professional gianni ferrari turbo z230 2-cylinder petrol engine model briggs cv.23, hydrostatic transmission drive levers, dish cm.112 cut to three blades with control shaft drive, electric c...

  • Gianni Ferrari GTS200 Lawnmower tractors

    $5,795 - Lombardy, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Gianni ferrari

    gts200 gianni ferrari plate cm.112 discharging 103 working hours very good condition

  • 2007 GRILLO FD220 Lawnmower tractors

    $3,582 - Umbria, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Grillo

    grillo fd220 year: 2007 hours: 20 layout: std conditions: ex demonstration trials price: € 3,400.00

  • Orec Sp 1000 4wd Lawnmower

    $2,760 - Piedmont, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Orec

    mower earrings sp 1000 4wd transmission spacer mechanics, 4wd a spacer-speed gearbox nr. marce spacer 2 forward + 2 reverse cutting width 50 cm spacer (2 blades) the spacer 5 cm cutting height - 8....