• Basrijs double 4 row leek hole punching machine

    • Manufacturer: Basrijs Maszyny

      basrijs leek hole punching machine with 4 dibblers with double punchers. this dibbler is makes double holes at 4 x 75 cm. this machine can be used for the planting of leek.

      Rotterdam, Netherlands
    • 1999 Super prefer 3 row bedplanter

      • Manufacturer: Super Prefer Pflanzmaschinen

        super prefer 3 row bedplanter planting disc with 8 grippers planting machine for cabbage, strawberries, nursery products, etc.

        Rotterdam, Netherlands
      • Compact leek hole punching machine 3 rows

        • Manufacturer: Compact Maszyny

          compact leek hole punching machine / dibbler with 3 rows. this planting machine is for leek.

          Rotterdam, Netherlands
        • Basrijs dibbler for leek

          • Manufacturer: Basrijs Maschinen

            basrijs leek hole punching machine / dibbler for leek this dibbler is makes holes at 4 rows  x 75 cm. this machine can be used for  planting leek.

            Rotterdam, Netherlands
          • Grimme GL 32 E '14

            • Manufacturer: Grimme

              new 2-row potato grower with cover plates, wings for better grooving, electrically adjustable vibration for splitting into potatoes and more. also available with fertilizer, granular drug dispenser and spraying d...

              Thiva, Greece