• Caliper Life Sciences Kinase Enzyme Desktop Profiler System

    $3,950 - San Diego, CA
    • Manufacturer: Caliper Life Sciences

    desktop profiler provides targeted research laboratories with a simple, affordable system to rapidly profile compounds against a diverse kinase panel. profilerpro microplates are pre-loaded with ki...

  • Amersham Biochrom 20 Plus 28892

    $6,978 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Amersham

    amersham pharmacia amino acids analyzer biochrom 20 plus. is in a good condition.

  • 2013 Miltenyi autoMacs Pro 29125

    $36,160 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Miltenyi

    miltenyi separator automacs pro. automated cell separation and simple, rapid isolation of virtually any cell type of any species. with chill racks for 5, 15 and 50 ml tubes. up to 2 columns possible.

  • 2012 PBI Barocycler NEP 2320 29243

    $17,128 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: PBI

    pbi inc. extraction unit barocycler nep 2320. for high-pressure dna, rna and protein extraction. with shredder sg3 kit. software. max. pressure 35 kpsi, 235 mpa.

  • MJ Research PTC 200 29205

    $3,045 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MJ Research

    mj research thermal cycler gradient ptc 200. with lcd display. block for 96 x 0.2 ml tubes. in a good condition.

  • 2013 Pall Micro-24 29127

    $65,342 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Pall

    pall life sciences microreactor system micro-24. for efficient cell line evaluation and process development. it can be up to 24 bioreactor experiments are carried out simultaneously. microreactor d...

  • 2015 Berthold Smart Line TL 29434

    $10,023 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Berthold

    berthold titertek tube luminometer smartline tl-2. ideal for chemical and bio-luminescence. suitable for pipes with a diameter of 12mm, length of 5.5 or 7.5 cm. reagent injector, injection volume 2...

  • 2016 Lonza CytoSMART Lux 10x 29186

    $3,032 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Lonza

    lonza/sabo scandic live-cell imager cytos mart lux 10x. designed for bright field imaging cells in real time. field of view 2,4x1,5mm at a magnification similar to a 10x microscope objective. with ...

  • 2011 Nova BioProfile 100 PLus 29126

    $15,225 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Nova

    nova biomedical biochemical analyzer bioprofile 100 plus. multi-sensor system for the measurement of metabolites and vital parameters of native cell media samples. sample tray for up to 40 vials. s...

  • 2011 Illumina HiScan SQ 29141

    $131,952 - Burladingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Illumina

    illumina sequencing system hiscansq. with cluster station cbot. genome analyzer pipeline silver. software.