• 2014 WALLENSTEIN BX42S Chipper

    • Manufacturer: Wallenstein

      2014 wallenstein bx42s chipper, 4" for 50 over years, baker & sons equipment co. has served the industries in the tri-state area of ohio, west virginia and pennsylvania. this is a family owned business with many ...

      $2,500 (USD)
      Lewisville, OH, USA

      • Manufacturer: Peruzzo

        the chipper/shredder mod. t/3 is used to reduce green waste for private or professional needs of small branches quantities each time of use (up to 8 m³/hour).

        $3,340 (USD)
        Verona, Italy
      • CM & E 60 DISC CHIPPER [LS-010039]

        • Manufacturer: LS

          cm & e 60 disc chipper; 6-knife head, horizontal feed, bottom discharge. -- feed rate is 300 fpm. -- quick change chipper knife system allows knife changes in about (15) minutes.note: drive motor not included.

          $8,910 (USD)
          United States
        • 1999 ACROWOOD 5216-6 CHIPPER (Disc) [LS-010063]

          • Manufacturer: LS

            acrowood 52� 5216-6 chipper with the following major features: -- 52� disc. -- slant disc configuration. -- converted to key knife system. -- 125 hp drive motor. -- includes existing spare parts. -- new...

            $27,500 (USD)
            United States

            • Manufacturer: LS

              dun-ham stumpmaster portable high volume wood waste grinder.self contained grinder and loader mounted on dual axle trailer. designed for production of mulch from bark, raw yard waste, wood scrap logs, etc. -- e...

              $38,500 (USD)
              United States

                  with motor cotiemme 14 cv petrol, for diameter max. 65 mm., belt transmission

                  $806 (USD)
                  Verona, Italy
                • 2008 MORBARK 40/36 PORTABLE CHIPPER [LS-010010]

                  • Manufacturer: Morbark
                  • Model: 4036

                    morbark portable whole tree chipper model "40/36";chips up to 20" material with 40" x 24" opening, using a 36" dia. x 40" wide (8) staggered knife drum. -- equipped with a 600 hp diesel engine, it is an industry...

                    $110,000 (USD)
                  • 1967 CARGATE D-860 ROTARY VENEER LATHE [VL-010192]

                    • Manufacturer: CARGATE

                      cargate d-860 rotary veneer lathe, heavy duty: -- built specifically to handle large diameter logs as well as small logs. it has a log length capacity of an easy 8'-6" and a diameter capacity of up to 5', peelin...

                      No price
                    • Liquidation of Paper Manufacturing Plant including Valmet Paper Machine #815

                      • Manufacturer: Valmet

                        excellent quality 7.2 meter paper machine and paper making equipment. 7.2 m valmet paper machine. new 1981 with upgrades 1387 mpm, 37-59 gsm with dilution headbox, tri-nip press (shoe press), and separate 4th pre...

                        No price

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