• Latini model HLM-1 High Speed Lollipop Forming & Wrapping machine - 78697

    No price - Massachusetts, United States

      latini model hlm-1 high speed lollipop forming & wrapping machine - serial no. 881m - built new in 2008 - with dies set for a 25 mm (1") round pop - capable of forming and wrapping up to 500 pops/m...

    • Aquarius RLM2 Lollipop Forming Machine

      No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

        the aquarius rlm2 is a continuous lollipop forming machine that can form ball or cylindrical shaped lollipops. this machine had the wiring refurbished in 2007. spare parts are included with the mac...

      • LATINI C lollipop machine

        No price - Willich, Germany
        • Manufacturer: LATINI

        output; 125 pcs./min lolli diameter 32 mm, weight abt. 8 g with 3 x thickness variations/weight (abt. 15% from upper or lower limit) without changing the forming dies model mdpw-1 serial no. 829 wi...

      • Aquarius KBS6B Lollipop Cooler

        No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

          the aquarius kbs6b lollipop cooler comes with chiller, an elevator conveyor that feeds the lollipops inside the cooler into its own conveyor system. the lollipop cooler also comes with an ls1 grade...

        • Aquarius LVMIII Lollipop Bunch Wrapper

          No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

            aquarius lvm iii is a lollipop bunch wrapper, this machine was set for a large lollipop piece at 48mm diameter, we have recently set it for a smaller piece 24mm diameter. this shows the range of lo...

          • Aquarius BU300 Bunch Lollipop Wrapper

            No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

              the aquarius bu300 was developed to bunch wrap ball lollipops. this bu300 come with lot’s of spares (also a feed plate for a 38mm diameter). the bu300 machine is in good shape, and comes with a cou...

            • 2006 Schib CO 90L Lollipop Flowrapper

              No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

                the schib co 90l wrapper is flowrapping machine set for lollipops, it was wrapping a large lollipop piece. it is in very good condition.

              • Latini flat lollipop line

                $80,100 - Andalusia, Spain

                  latini flat lollipop line including latini c flat lollipop forming and wrapper machine, price eur. 75.000 ex works….

                • Latini DPW-1HD flat lollipop forming and wrapping machine

                  $16,020 - Andalusia, Spain

                    1 x latini flat lollipops forming and wrapping machine, model dpw-1hd, for a 25 mm. round flat lollipops, speed up to 250 ppm, priced at euros 15.000 ex works….

                  • Aquarius year 2005 ball lollipop line SOLD

                    $316,128 - Andalusia, Spain

                      aquarius lollipop line, manufactured year 2005, never used, including  klockner hansel batch roller year 2006, klockner hansel rope sizer year 2006, aquarius ballformer 1000 forming machine with on...