• Aquarius LPW1 lollipop wrapper

    $52,790 - Málaga, Spain

      aquarius lpw1 double twist  lollipop wrapper, speed up to 220 pieces per minute, manufactured year 1.995, price euro 50.000 ex works.

    • Aquarius LVMIII Lollipop Bunch Wrapper

      No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

        aquarius lvm iii is a lollipop bunch wrapper, this machine was set for a large lollipop piece at 48mm diameter, we have recently set it for a smaller piece 24mm diameter. this shows the range of lo...

      • 2010 Carugil Omnia 600 ball lollipop wrapper

        $139,365 - Málaga, Spain

          carugil omnia 600 ball lollipop wrapper , format 24 mm , year 2010 , only used few months , condition like new , bunch style of wrapping , 600 pieces per minute , priced euros 132.000 ex works ….

        • Carugil model CWL Bunch Wrapper - 78874

          No price - New York, NY

            carugil model cwl bunch wrapper - 78874 carugil model cwl bunch wrapper - set for a 25 mm pop - rated at 300 pops per minute - serial no. 592 - built in 1998 serial number: 592 location: isr crate ...

          • 2006 Schib CO 90L Lollipop Flowrapper

            No price - Gainsborough, United Kingdom

              the schib co 90l wrapper is flowrapping machine set for lollipops, it was wrapping a large lollipop piece. it is in very good condition.

            • Aquarius F600 flat lollipop forming and wrapper

              $89,743 - Málaga, Spain

                aquarius flat lollipop forming and wrapper, model formwrap f600, integrated forming and wrapping of flat 3d and spherical lollipops. speed up to 600 pieces per minute max. length of candy minimum 2...

              • ball lollipop line for ball lollipops

                No price - Willich, Germany
                • Manufacturer: AQUARIUS

                line adjusted for lollies of 24 mm diameter size range: diameter 18-35 mm, length 15-45 mm, only size for 24 mm available, no other size available, stick length 75-102 mm, stick diameter 3,1-5,5 ...

              • Latini flat lollipop line

                $79,185 - Málaga, Spain

                  latini flat lollipop line including latini c flat lollipop forming and wrapper machine, price eur. 75.000 ex works….

                • lollipop line

                  No price - Willich, Germany
                  • Manufacturer: LATINI

                  consisting of: nagema batch roller with electrical heating latini ball former for 25 mm dia., 80 mm stick, cooling drum, maker unknown, inside perforated with air blower ulma bunch wrapper for lol...

                • lollipop line

                  No price - Willich, Germany

                    capacity 400 pcs./min. lollipop diameter 24 mm consisting of: 1 x hansella 111a cooker with vacuum pump 1 x carlo kz kneader 2 x cooling table 1 x batch roller 1 x rope sizer 1 x aquarius rlm 3...