• Konica Minolta CS-100

    $5,492 - Lake Mary, FL, USA Recently Added

      konica minolta cs-100 details konica minolta cs-100 cs-100a color and luminance meter. hand held meter that takes spot measurements of color and luminance. see data sheet for full specifications. k...

    • Konica Minolta LS-150

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Manufacturer: LS

      konica minolta ls-150 details konica minolta ls-150 luminance meter this luminance meter is small and portable for a variety of applications. easy to use for measurement at long and short distances...

    • Konica Minolta LS-100

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Manufacturer: LS

      konica minolta ls-100 details konica minolta ls-100 luminance meter the ls 100 is a compact lightweight meter for measuring the luminance of light sources or reflective surfaces. the ttl (through-t...

    • Konica Minolta LS-110

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Manufacturer: LS

      konica minolta ls-110 details konica minolta ls-110 high precision luminance-meter with small angle the spot luminance meters ls-100 and ls-110, categorized in the upper range of the din quality cl...

    • Tektronix J17

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA
      • Manufacturer: Tektronix

      tektronix j17 details tektronix j17 lumacolor photometer photometer the tektronix j17 is a portable handheld digital photometer/radiometer/colorimeter capable of making a wide range of light measur...

    • Sencore VC93

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

        sencore vc93 details sencore vc93 vcr/video analyzer features: all-format vcr analyzer dynamic vcr head signal substituter for all formats exclusive hi-fi stereo all-format head signal substituter ...

      • Konica Minolta CS-100A

        No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

          konica minolta cs-100a details konica minolta cs-100a luminance meter and color meter cs100a the portable konica minolta color meters are in their element when not only the brightness but also the ...

        • Konica Minolta CS-200

          No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

            konica minolta cs-200 details konica minolta cs-200 luminance and color meter. portable unit used to measure chromaticity. konica minolta (chroma) cs-200 is an instrument that enables highly accur...

          • 2012 Ford Transit 330 2,2 TDCi Pritsche - Doppelsitzbank, AH

            $11,465 - Germany
            • Manufacturer: Ford

            central locking with remote control, anti-theft device, seat package 22: driver's seat (3-way adjustable) - passenger double seat, heating with recirculation, luminance control, gearbox : 6-speed,...

          • 2012 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II Kasten 310CDI PDC 3 SITZE

            $10,256 - Germany Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz

            (pts) - radioprovision - spare tire in driving tires - spare tire holder underneath frame - including car jack - seats in the driver's cab: double passenger seat. - front seat and backrest in the d...