• Comar 4RR90 Machinery for potatoes

    No price - Emilia-Romagna, Italy
    • Manufacturer: Comar

    seminar 4 data sheets 75 / 90cm, silent hydraulic file

  • 1997 Tatoma 9 Reiher

    $4,012 - Dersum, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Tatoma

    potatoes el-häufelgerät, 9 heron 75 cm row spacing, 6.00 m working width,

  • Concrete

    No price - Kildare, Ireland

      irish concrete floors offers a unbelievable flooring service with construction in a range of all flooring types, suspended piles, ground bearing, high tolerance slabs, structural screeds and y...

    • 1993 Sorter

      No price - Groningen, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Overige

      == informationen auf deutsch == verwendungszweck: landwirtschaft verwendbares material: kartoffel == information in english == field of application: agriculture applicable material: potatoes ==...

    • Ventilatie systeem voor aardappelen

      No price - Coevorden, Netherlands
      • Manufacturer: Ventilatie systeem

      size can blow fans for drying potatoes and sucking up to two pieces of the same corresponding to the ventilation computer and two others of the same size

    • 2010 Spirit 6100 kombajn do ziemniaków

      $34,803 - Chełmno, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Spirit

      for sale i have a potato harvester of a leading brand in the european market avr. this is a one-row harvester for harvesting potatoes. the machine is ideal for not large farms with potatoes. the...

    • Grimme GL 32 E '14

      $12,010 - Thiva, Greece
      • Manufacturer: Grimme

      new patatofyteftis two rows, with cover discs, feathers for best grooves, electric adjustable vibration for separating potatoes and more. available with fertilizer distributor particulate medicamen...

    • 2016 Rolmet Kartoffelsortieranlage

      $3,064 - Walcz, Poland
      • Manufacturer: Rolmet

      our company export-import halina kania was founded in 1991. our business is 140 km from the german-polish border in wałcz. we offer: tractors, pronar trailers, agricultural machinery, forestry ma...

    • 2017 Remprodex S-211 / POLA2, Potatoe planter, planteuses à deux ran potato planter

      $3,362 - Zgorzelec, Poland

        we are the general partner of brands such as: lemken maschio gaspardo, brochard, grano system, metal fach, pronar, kolaszewski, mchale, agro-factory, cynkomet, metal technology, tad-len, bomet, man...

      • Gruse

        $1,057 - Beltrum, Netherlands
        • Manufacturer: Gruse

        used gruse loofklapper sale used gruse topper, working width 3 meters, worn a topper prevents infection by viral diseases include desiccation of seed potatoes. for other crops, this topper perfectl...