• Frozen Meat Block Cutter. LAINT

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      frozen meat block cutter. laint. large: 1'40 m | width: 1'20 m | height: 2'40 m

    • Cutting saw for meat and fish. JOFERSA

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        cutting saw for meat and fish. jofersa.

      • Fish and Meat Skin Removed Machine. STEEN

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          machine removes skins for meat and fish steen, 600 st

        • APC SLICER Automatic cutter for meat and fish

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            aew delford revolutionary apc slicer slicers are capable of cutting products, bone-in or boneless, meat or seafood either portions, constant weight at high speeds in uniform cut. this high producti...

          • 2003 Disc Cutter Fresh Meat Cutter for uniform slice. ZSIGMA

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              fresh meat cutter for uniform slice. zsigma. disc cutter 2003

            • 2008 FS-35E Vegetable cutter JMD-FOOF MACHINERY

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                the jmd vegetables cutter is used for continuous cutting of large capacity. solid and practical construction using stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials. use as a single machine a...

              • Stainless steel sausage clipper

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                  clipper designed for the closing of string casings, in the form of strings, strings or individual with any type of a natural or artificial casings. constructed entirely in aisi 304 stainless steel ...

                • Coupe 50 lts Cutter ROBOT COUPE. Capacity: 50 l.

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                  • Manufacturer: Capacity

                  cutter robot coupe. capacity: 50 l. large: 90 cm | width: 90 cm | height: 1'40 m

                • Muscle Stuffer METALQUIMIA

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                    muscle stuffer metalquimia.

                  • Washer animal entrails, in stainless steel

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                      drum built in aisi 304 steel, with top cover of equal equipment to load, distribution ring. front door with unloading support for delivery of entrails.