• 2016 Einböck Finger rensere

    $870 - Ostbirk, Denmark

      universal finger rensersæt which can be mounted on almost all cultivators, the kit is complete with the picture with spring-loaded arm, adjustable fingers and so on. the price is for a set of rear ...

    • 2016 - - - Kamera styring

      $27,000 - Ostbirk, Denmark

        camera control for raderensere from english garford. suitable for all raderensere, both rear and front mounting. manages the accuracy of 1cm. the camera filming the 2meter. maximum precision and sp...

      • 2016 - - - Garford 8-12

        $21,750 - Ostbirk, Denmark

          factory new etching cleans 8 rows is also available as 12rækker. hyd. coulter pressure which can be changed during operation depending on the soil type. note the special glow that goes up close to ...

        • 2016 Einböck Chopstar

          $12,855 - Ostbirk, Denmark

            factory new machine can come in many different sizes, also as rear. the price is for an 8-row. call for more information.

          • 2014 Garford Kamera styring demo

            $18,000 - Ostbirk, Denmark

              demo camera control, 2 pieces held. both the front and rear mounting. list price 185.000kr. call for more info.