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  • Dwyer 475 Series Mark III Handheld Digital Manometer P/N 475-000-FM

        The dwyer 475 series mark iii handheld digital manometer p/n 475-000-fm is ideal for field calibration, monitoring or trouble shooting hvac systems, clean rooms, or a wide range of other low pressure pneumatic sy...

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        East Lyme, CT, USA
      • Fisher Scientific Traceable Manometer 0-5 PSI CAT No. 06-664-18

        • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

          The fisher scientific traceable manometer 0-5 psi cat no. 06-664-18 is a portable unit that measures and displays differential pressure/vacuum in 11 different units.  specifications:  - range: -259 to +259mmhg - ...

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          East Lyme, CT, USA
        • 625 Manometer

          • Manufacturer: Tpi
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            Seoul, South Korea
          • 4 Square Meter Dwhs Rosenmund And Cogiem Filter Dryer Filter #96297

            • Manufacturer: Rosenmund

              43 sq ft (4 sq meter) 316lss (1.4435) agit pressure nutsche filter w/automatic discharge. mfd by rosenmund, sn 2187, type rnd4-181-78. int rated 3 bar and full vac. filter plate 2400mm dia. filter vessel 2400mm d...

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              West Windsor Township, NJ, USA
            • Pneumatic seed drill DELTA

              • Manufacturer: Unia

                Nosing axis 825 / ø22 and 28 mm anchor coulters for sowing sections there is anchor coulters for fertilizer there is manometer there is bunker for fertilizers 2х200 dm cube. support wheels 370x165 mm single drive...

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                Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
              • Pneumatic seed drills FENIX 700/3

                • Manufacturer: Unia

                  Description manometer: there is | hitch axis: Ø60-825 / ø36 mm | zagottachi: there is | anchor coulters: there is | aggregate tillage: ceres xl / p | hydraulic markers: there is | fan with hydraulic drive: 24 l /...

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                  Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
                • $4,495 (USD)
                  Vista, CA, USA
                • Vacuubrand PC 201 30037

                  • Manufacturer: Vacuubrand

                    Vacuubrand vacuum diaphragm pump pc 201. with condenser and analogue manometer. suction capacity: 3m³ / h, final vacuum: 2 mbar. 230v. 50 / 60hz. 1.8a

                    $1,303 (USD)
                    Burladingen, Germany
                  • 2012 Perkin Elmer PinAACle 900F 30343

                    • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

                      Perkin elmer aas pinaacle 900f. with flame. 2 burner attachments. 2 manometer. 230v 50/60 hz. all hollow cathode lamps on request. brandloch in the burner room, otherwise very good condition.

                      $18,092 (USD)
                      Burladingen, Germany
                    • 1993 Gregoire Besson RY 516 160 100

                      • Manufacturer: Grégoire

                        Vari wide mechanical, cylindrical tapered mouldboards, missing those of the 1st body, correct wear parts, 200.60x14.5 b.e. tire wheel, sound chassis, gas cylinder manometer for non-stop broken ..

                        $5,030 (USD)
                        Mormant, France