• Bazooka Farmstar Hose Reel

    $13,000 - Chilton, WI, USA
    • Manufacturer: Bazooka Farmstar

    8x6" hose reeltandem axlesingle barrel w/ indexermanual reel brake

  • Geba 2100 Liquid manure spreader

    $6,003 - Agarn, Switzerland Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Geba

    geba 2100 l güllen barrel freshly revised high pressure gun output via pump or directly via barrel incl. suction hoses all lines replaced fits on reform short wheelbase can be delivered further off...

  • Schuitemaker Robusta = Pumpfass, Perfecta = vacuum barrel Manure pump or vacuum barrel

    No price - Wohlen bei Bern, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Schuitemaker

    schuitemaker pump or vacuum drums are very robust and durable, thanks to years of experience in barrel construction for the slotted insert, we can guarantee that the slurry barrels from schuitemake...

  • 2003 Kaweco Liquid manure spreader Slurry tank with tridem landing gear, 16000lt

    $32,294 - Büron, Switzerland
    • Manufacturer: Kaweco

    not much needed vacuum barrel fits on fliegel asw 268

  • Barrel for vnechseniya liquid udobrekny PN - 1/14 A

    No price - Bolshaya Trosna, Russia
    • Manufacturer: Samasz

    description cesspool machine pn - 1 / 14a is formed as a self-supporting tank mounted on the biaxial wheel spring mill. the machine frame is adapted for mounting applicators manure into the soil, o...

  • 1976 Marchner W4000

    $3,043 - Thal, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Marchner

    broad distributing device suction line vacuum container marchner vakuum-fass w4000, 4000liter fassungsvolumen, auflauf gebremst, hydr. schieber hinten, mechanischer schieber vorne, mit saugschlauch...

  • Gülleknecht 5.500 l Vakuumfass

    $5,318 - Sankt Marienkirchen bei Schärding, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Gülleknecht

    slurry servant slurry tanker 5,500 liters with tandem tires: 11.0 to 20, untenanhängung, impact head distribution, drive shaft, lighting, ansaugschieber left 6 "mech ausbringschieber 6." suction pi...

  • 2013 Bauer BLITZ P100

    $25,525 - Senftenbach, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Bauer

    broad distributing device compressor unit with lsv pump container suction line pumpfaß in good condition tyres 850/50 to 30.5 mint air brake with alb untenanhängung uganschluß 6 "with quick couple...

  • 1986 Kirchner T 3000

    $3,844 - Senftenbach, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kirchner

    broad distributing device suction line vacuum container vacuum container in very good condition wide tires 15.0 / 55-17 5m suction 5 " suction rear or front left wide distribution mit gelenkwelle

  • 2006 Fliegl VA 10500

    $18,631 - Helfenberg, Austria Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Fliegl

    broad distributing device compressor unit with lsv suction line vacuum container turbo filler, hydr. knickdeichsel with damping, tire size 850 / 50x30,5, 25 km / h illumination, dlb with alb