• Invensys Foxboro IDP10 Differential Pressure Gauge Transmitter

    $549 - Morrisville, PA
    • Manufacturer: Invensys Foxboro

    invensys foxboro idp10 a22a11f-m1 - electronic differential pressure gauge transmitter click here for specs from the manufacturer the i/a series electronic pressure transmitters are a complete fami...

  • 2007 CAT R312C

    $38,192 - Magdeburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Caterpillar

    information in english more options boeing hydraulic digging spoon hammer hydraulics remarks s / n: h01350 monoblock, stiellange 2100mm, air conditioning, mech. quick-change tool smp, hammer hydrau...

  • MAHR Perthometer S 6P

    No price - Eislingen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: MAHR

    surface measuring, testing and evaluating unit for roughness and unevenness parameters with measuring post and feed device, incl. data logger with profile memory and full digital measured-value pro...

  • 2009 STIEFELMAYER Ventura

    No price - Hamburg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: STIEFELMAYER

    1 used stiefelmayer ventura man./mot. 3d coordinate measuring machine with following equipment: - digital 3 axis measuring counter mz 2000 - div. height-adjustable prism - div. height-adjustable he...

  • Guss Aufspannwinkel 1250 x 1600 x 90 mm

    No price - Staufenberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Guss Aufspannwinkel

    cast - angle plates technical specifications: clamping surface: 1250 x 1600 mm stand area: 1250 x 1000 mm thickness: 90 mm with - 8 horiz. t-grooves 34/58 mm used, in excellent condition price on r...


    $34,510 - Poland
    • Manufacturer: Low loader-semi-trailers

    semi niskopodwoziowa 3-axle incursions the parameters (size, capacity), and equipment, which is to have a low loader trailer mega are always individually tailored to customer needs and requirement...

  • 2012 Rasco Mosor-Light 2.7 snow plow

    $7,638 - Heidelberg, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Rasco

    rasco snow plow typе mosor-light 2.7 clearing width at 30: 2340 mm plowshare height 800 mm number of shares: 2x1350 mm tilt angle: 30 case angle to the surface: 15 weight: 500 kg hydraulic side shi...

  • Marking plates

    No price - Wiesbaden, Germany

      very well preserved surface plate made of cast iron, ribbed, lying with t-groove along the middle and 2 tailstocks, on 4 adjustable feet surface perfectly flat and polished edges round processed t...

    • 2006 ROLAND R905-7B-XL #60925

      No price - Noisy-le-Sec, France Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Roland
      • Colors: 5
      • Size: 120x162

      size: 120x162 | colors: 5 | options: man roland 905-7b lv + 5 colors + coater (dedicated inline varnish unit) steel plate feeder and delivery in non stop feeder stream feeder double sheet detectio...

    • JLT CLAMPS 190C-M1 CLAMP, DRAWER [CF-011178]

      $7,295 - MTN/CENTRAL CDN Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: JLT CLAMPS

      jlt clamps 190c-m1 drawer clamp new heavier frame construction on this vertical free standing clamp with dual fast acting diaphragm cylinders. -- achieve 3,500 lbs clamping force at 100 psi air pr...