• WOLFF LAGE vacuum cooker

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    • Manufacturer: WOLFF LAGE

    for cooking and pre-cooking, also under vacuum, of syrup, invert sugar syrup, fruits, jellies, jam, etc. stainless steel trough inclined in horizontal position, diameter 0,6 x 2 m long, capacity...

  • HAAS, COMAS, IMAFORNI biscuit line

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    • Manufacturer: Haas

    1.000 mm working wide current product soft sandwich biscuit (with marmalade round) consisting of: * 1 x haas roll former, typ decoform, year 1986, with some spareparts * 1 x imaforni steel belt ov...

  • Jufeba Sprühautomat spraying device for marmelade, fabr. Jufeba.type G

    No price - Germany
    • Manufacturer: Jufeba

    spraying device for marmalade, fabr. g jufeba sprühautomat product - quantity variable, manuell spraying more information

  • Füllmaschinen für Fettger filling machine for Berliner/donuts

    No price - Germany

      filling machine for berliner/donuts füllmaschinen für finger attachment: 1 piston, filling variabel 5 - 10 g\r\n stainless steel hopper approx. 1,5 kg marmelade\r\n