• 2000 Meura Meura 2001 - 48 4632017

    No price - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Siemens

    mash filter meura 2001 with 48 pcs of 1800 x 2000 mm plates this meura a thin-bed, membrane-equipped, mash filter was installed in year 2000 in 550 hl beer brew line and it's operation was closed i...

  • 2016 Kreuzmayr Maschinenbau KWEM 1000

    $7,301 - Upper Austria, Austria
    • Manufacturer: Kreuzmayr

    capacity up to 2000 kg / h muehl motor 3,0 kw elevator motor 0.37kw continuous speed adjustment by frequency converter automatic start-stop circuit for about elevator 2rbbvd 3-rod probe in mash box...

  • 2002 Steinecker 650 hl/brew, 12 brew / day 4282016

    No price - Helsinki, Finland
    • Manufacturer: Steinecker

    beer brew line steinecker cast output 830 hl wort, 12 brews / day this is complete beer brew line equipment from mash tun to worth cooler is made by steinecker in year 2002. it has two mash tanks a...

  • Brewhouses / Malt handling / Wort cooling Nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make Huppmann,

    No price - Geroda, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Huppmann

    nice, classical 2-vessel-copper-brewhouse, make huppmann, 100 hl cast wort, built 1964, in 1994 automated from kaspar schulz, standing on one level, mash kettle / wort kettle with hop addition, dir...

  • Pub Breweries New 2-vessel-brewblock, 5 hl cast

    No price - Geroda, Germany

      new 2-vessel-brewblock, 5 hl cast wort, in stainless steel, with wooden covering, electrical steam heated, with mash-/wort kettle 750 lt total content with vapor hood, agitator, overpessure guard, ...

    • 1958 Ziemann 4 vessels Brewhouse

      No price - Freising, Germany
      • Manufacturer: Ziemann

      order: 200004cku (please always indicate) 4 vessels brewhouse, 6 brews a day each with 100 hl hot wort and an annual capacity of approx. 120.000 hl. 4 vessel brewhouse manufacturer: ziemann ...

    • Brewery Equipment Brewery equipment because of abandonment

      No price - Geroda, Germany

        brewery equipment because of abandonment of the brewery for sale, among others with: 2-vessel-brewhouse with 26-28 hl cast wort, with mash tun in copper, lautertun in stainless steel, pre-warmer, w...

      • Pub Breweries Small brewing plant, make Labu,

        No price - Geroda, Germany Recently Added

          small brewing plant, make labu, for 120 – 150 lt/brew, built 1989, for sale for total 10.000 €, consisting of: 2-vessel-brewhouse, in stainless steel, both vessels double wall, with mash-/wort vess...

        • 4 vessels Brewhouse

          No price - Freising, Germany

            order: 200064cku (please always indicate) 4 vessels brewhouse, currently capacity of 270 hl/ brew in case of 5.100 kg/ grist load ( max.320 hl in case of 6.000 kg/ grist load ) # - designation - ye...

          • Brewery equitment 0699

            No price - Burgwald, Germany

              brewhouse for 10 hl wort, fabr. bdb/room, in stainless steel, bj 1995 consisting of: -mash / wort kettle, up 13 hl content in stainless steel with copper hood, copper vent frame outside direct fire...