• Micromass Platform LC Mass Spectrometer

    No price - Markham, Canada

      the micromass platform lc mass spectrometer comes with ei, suitable software. rought pump, and syringe pump included. a 90 days warranty is included.

    • Waters Micromass Quattro Premier Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer MS

      $35,000 - Anaheim, CA Recently Added
      • Manufacturer: Premier

      waters micromass quattro premier quadrupole mass spectrometer ms ... read more

    • Thermo Finnigan Mass Spectrometer LCQ 97000-61350 System Control Board

      $901 - Cridersville, OH
      • Manufacturer: Thermo

      phone: 1-567-221-0615 this system control board was removed from a thermo finnigan mass spectrometer lcq mass spectrometer and will be sold as-is.

    • Varian 500-MS Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer

      $14,999 - Beverly Hills, CA
      • Manufacturer: Varian

      varian 500-ms ion trap mass spectrometer as-is where is for parts only.onization can be done by both electrospray ionization (esi) and atmospheric pre ... read more

    • Prometheus FMS (Fingerprint mass spectrometer)

      No price - Markham, Canada

        the prometheus is the world’s first odor and voc analyzer that combines a highly sensitive fingerprint mass spectrometer with a large choice of patented multi-sensor array technologies to create an...

      • Perkin Elmer PrOTOF 2000 Mass Spectrometer

        No price - San Diego, CA
        • Manufacturer: Perkin elmer

        the perkin elmer protof 2000 mass spectrometer is a leader in mass spectrometry that improves success rates and productivity related to proteomics research by increasing the identification rates of...


        No price - Markham, Canada

          the following major components are included with perkin-elmer icp mass spectrometer sn:308940886; 2 neslab cft-75 recirculators, sn:294188073 and 294202088; perkin-elmer as-91 autosampler, sn:3105;

        • Thermo Finnigan Power Module 97000-60148 Mass Spectrometer

          $574 - Cridersville, OH
          • Manufacturer: Thermo

          phone: 1-567-221-0615 the thermo finnigan power module was removed from a mass spectrometer and has very few signs of wear.

        • Extrel MAX300-LG Mass Spectrometer

          $14,500 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Extrel

          get more for less with this cutting edge mass spectrometer. the convenient design allows this to be placed on a cart for portability or  bench top .  it offers cycle times of approximately 300 mill...

        • Waters 3100 Mass Spectrometer

          $24,999 - San Diego, CA
          • Manufacturer: Waters

          the waters 3100 mass detector provides your laboratory with a fast, simple, and flexible analytical platform that enables you to rapidly screen and confirm molecular weights, effortlessly track chr...