• Material Handling SERIES35 5D0157

    No price - Carol Stream, IL

      pneumatic pallet/product lift. capable of handling pallets up to 2500 max lbs. last running in a pharmaceutical operation.oad: 77"l x 60"w x 20"h

    • Material Handling RAPIDTRACK 5E6132

      No price - Carol Stream, IL

        50kg capacity, stainless steel lift platform for lifts from 9" – 88" high. two 16"l x 14"w platforms with a 8"l x 6 3/4"w connector. equipped with limit switches for end of stroke protection. po...

      • Material Handling Barrell Dumper 5G2538

        No price - Carol Stream, IL

          drum dumper, back side of belt inspection deck, s/s, 8′ lift

        • Pronomic Material Handling 160P 5G8613

          No price - Carol Stream, IL
          • Manufacturer: Pronomic

          pronomic, model 160p, electric roll stock lift. rated up to 60 lbs. vertical travel: 4" to 76". equipped with a motorized gripper, built in battery charger and push button controls for column up / ...

        • Material Handling 72-16 5D8321

          No price - Carol Stream, IL

            hydraulic platform lift with 24"l x 24"w platform. has 4 1/2" – 47 1/2" platform height, push button up / down controls, on / off switch, and set down foot. powered by 1/2hp delta power hydraulic...

          • Material Handling Tote Dump 5E7701

            No price - Carol Stream, IL

              twin column, hydraulic tote dumper. maximum container size: up to 52" in length; up to 42" in width; up to 62" in height. lift pressure: up to 900 psi. equipped with a 288" long x 42" wide three ch...

            • Aerogo, Inc. Material Handling AIRLIFT 5E6135

              No price - Carol Stream, IL
              • Manufacturer: Aerogo, Inc.

              self contained load module system floats heavy loads (1 to 360 tons) on a film of air. features a control console which distributes and regulates air volume/pressure to up to six aero-casters, has...

            • Wesco Material Handling WDPL-54-F 5D9176

              No price - Carol Stream, IL
              • Manufacturer: Wesco

              four wheeled, winch lift capable of lifts up to 750lbs. has 54" lift height, two 18"l x 3"w forks with adjustable spacing (up to 20"w), locking mechanism for rear wheels, ratcheted hand crank for ...

            • Prolift Material Handling MULTILIFT HYLOADER 5D6961

              No price - Carol Stream, IL
              • Manufacturer: Prolift

              cable drum lift with racheted hand crank capable of lifts from (12" – 110") high for loads up to 350 kg (770 lbs). features a screw tight drum holding mechanism for drums (18" – 34 1/2") in diamet...

            • Koch / UltraSource LLC Material Handling COMPAC 5F0877

              No price - Carol Stream, IL
              • Manufacturer: Koch

              electric roll stock lift rated up to 275bs. product size: core 2-1/2" to 3" in diameter. vertical travel: 12" to 69". equipped with spring activated gripper, built in battery charger, inner core gr...