• Greenlee 555 Q47L017

    • Manufacturer: Greenlee

      when power was applied, this item ran very smoothly.  we were able to bend several pieces of conduit easily with no problems.  the latches on the tool box are a little bent up.  no further testing was performed.

      Leander, TX, USA
    • FlexLink 35"W 115"L Electric Cleated-Belt Conveyor Multi-Flex Plastic 3-Ph

      • Manufacturer: FlexLink

        the motor is included, but not currently installed. we ran the motor separately and it ran very smoothly.  it was not tested under a load.  no further testing was performed.  note:  there are three small holes, s...

        Leander, TX, USA
      • JIB Crane/Sky Hook Lift System 570lb Load Limit w/ Base Mounting Stand Lifting

        • Manufacturer: JIB

          no testing was performed. span: 1.9 ft | height: 2.1 ft | material: steel | condition info: used. comes in non-original packaging. the sky hook crane is in good condition. | overall height: 25

          Leander, TX, USA
        • 2006 Spectruma GmbH GDA 550 HR Laboratory spectrometer

          • Manufacturer: Spectruma GmbH

            manufactured by spectruma gmbh (germany) model: gda 550 hr software: wingdoes version 4.0 installed lines 28 year of manufacture 2006 internal anode diameter, mm 4 (optional, 1...8) max. sample diameter, mm 120 o...

            No price
            Vilnius, Lithuania
          • 1991 Testing system for concrete pipes

            • Manufacturer: MESSMANN

              1 gebr. testing system for concrete pipes dn 300-800 incl. cleaning machine for under sleeves fabr. measuring man =========== for pipes dn 300, 400, 500, 600, 800 2pzj0gck0 ======================== testing is exp...

              No price
            • PF Poly-Flowlines Double-Containment Pipe Fusion Welder/Splicer PVDF + Parts

              • Manufacturer: Poly-Flowlines PF

                this item was not fully tested, since we do not have the proper resources.  upon power up the display turned on and we were able to toggle through the various selections.  we do not have the password and we do no...

                Leander, TX, USA
              • 1992 LEISTRITZ LSM 30.34 GG

                • Manufacturer: LEISTRITZ

                  • twin screw extruder leistritz • b.j..: 1992 • type: lsm 30.34 • snails: 34/30 ld - gg • ac motor - 14 kw • extruder heating - 10 kw : screw speed 300 rpm. • material dosing 37sl2nawy • extruder cylinder: aircoo...

                  No price
                  North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
                • 1993 Kulzer Heraeus Technomat

                  • Manufacturer: Heraeus

                    heraeus kulzer technomat printing device for cold-curing resins permissible operating pressure: 2 bar tank capacity: 6 l factory number: 503/2634 year: 1993 the technomat been tested for function and works perfec...

                    Baden-Württemberg, Germany
                  • Packaging Aids Corporation PAC PV-G30 R02D001

                    • Manufacturer: STILL

                      this sealer is in mostly working condition, but it is tricky to get set up properly when the bag material is changed.  we were able to seal light clear, medium pink and heavy silver anti-static bags with consiste...

                      Leander, TX, USA
                    • Stanley Vidmar 30" x 27.5" x 59" Tan 11-Drawer Industrial Storage Cabinet

                      • Manufacturer: Stanley

                        the drawers open and shut smoothly.  no further testing was performed.

                        Leander, TX, USA