• Reed Instruments VC25

    No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

      reed instruments vc25 details reed instruments vc25 the reed vc25 multifunction process calibrator is equipped to test and calibrate almost any process parameter. measure and source ma, volts, temp...

    • AEMC Instruments 8220 With 193-36-BK

      No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA Recently Added

        aemc instruments 8220 with 193-36-bk details aemc instruments 8220 with 193-36-bk power quality meter model 8220 w/193-36-bk (ampflex 6500a) 8220 with ampflex 193-36 single-phase power quality anal...

      • Denver Instruments UB-5 ISG WEB00707

        No price - Minneapolis, MN, USA Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Denver Instruments

        ph range: 0.00-14.00 ph resolution: 0.1 ph accuracy: 0.005ph temperature range: 0.0-100.0oc temperature resolution: 0.1oc temperature accuracy: 0.2oc in excellent condition powers on. no further te...

      • Columbus Instruments grip strength meter

        No price - South San Francisco, CA, USA Recently Added

          columbus instruments grip strength meter, s/n 13035 with (2) chatillon 10lbf measuring apparatuses

        • Gossen Metrawatt PROFITEST PV (M360A) Peak power and characteristic curve-measuring instrument at capacitive burden for PV-modules and -strings

          $13,701 - Elgin, IL, USA
          • Manufacturer: Gossen Metrawatt

          gossen metrawatt profitest pv (m360a) features: measurement of characteristic i-u curves at pv modules and strings up to 1000 v dc, 20 a dc and 20 kw acquired characteristic i-u curve is highly acc...

        • Pendulum Instruments CNT-81

          No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

            pendulum instruments cnt-81 details pendulum instruments cnt-81 counter/timer analyzer counter-timer-analyzer frequency range 300mhz resolution 50 ps gpib interface. pendulum instruments offers ...

          • Pendulum Instruments CNT-81-56

            No price - Lake Mary, FL, USA

              pendulum instruments cnt-81-56 details pendulum instruments cnt-81-56 counter-timer-analyzer counter/timer/analyzer frequency range 300mhz resolution 50 ps gpib interface. pendulum instruments o...

            • Measuring instruments

              No price - Faenza, Italy Recently Added

                lot 102 1 set of gauges and measuring instruments with blue box

              • MTI Instruments Accumeasure 5000 Capacitance Measurement System

                $1,000 - Finksburg, MD, USA

                  the mti instruments accumeasure 5000 is a capacitance measurement system.  the accumeasure 5000 is a high precision, non-contact displacement and vibration measuring system.

                • Spectro ICP/MS System

                  No price - Arcade, NY, USA
                  • Manufacturer: Ametek

                  includes: data system with spectro mass analyzer vision software chiller mechanical pump eristaltic cables ninety (90) day warranty options: installation and familiarization refurbished spectro icp...