No price - Des Plaines, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Heidenhain

    acceptance testing measure both dynamic and static components of deviation dynamic measurements provide information on contouring behavior static measurements provide measurement of position deviat...

  • 2008 Faro FARO GAGE F04 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Faro

    1.2m(4ft)spherical working volume accuracy up to 0.018mm

  • 2003 Mitsutoyo QVBL404-PROIF CNC Vision Measuring Systems

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Mitsutoyo

    measuring range:x400*y400*z250mm resolution:0.1µm reflective-type encoder linear b&w ccd camera stage glass size:493×551mm max stage loading:40kg

  • Taylor & Hobson Talyrond 200

    $1,670 - Gorxheimertal, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Taylor

    no. 1657: 1 usеd roundness measuring unit make taylor + hobson talyrond 200 table diameter 195 mm tableload 9 kg. max. rotary-feed 6 t / min. measurements 1.6 x 0.8 m weight 225 kg.

  • 1984 Waida PGX-3000 Projector

    No price - Taichung City, Taiwan
    • Manufacturer: Waida

    - country: taiwan | division: measuring / testing machinery | machine name: projector

  • 2008 Tokyo Seimitsu RONDCOM44DX Roundness Measure

    No price - Saitama, Japan
    • Manufacturer: Tokyo Seimitsu

    measuring system : manual measuring range: max. measuring dia:300mm, left/right feed(r-axis): 170mm. up/down (z-axis): 300mm, diameter:580mm rotation speed: q-axis: 2-10/min

  • Schenk A3122159

    No price - Essen, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Schenk

    torque testing device, power test device for measuring the power during rotation movements as per picture 1.complete test system, performance test of the company schenkzur checking of pneumatic dri...

  • Mytast 7 stones

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: mytast

    feinzeiger factory mytast7 stonesdimensions 0,001 mmdin 879messbereich 0,1 mm

  • Atorn 200 mm

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Atorn

    haarlinealfabrikat atorn200 mm acc. to din 874to test surfaces for flatness and straightness

  • Tap and piston 50 - 0 - 50

    No price - North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Recently Added
    • Manufacturer: Kolb

    magnetic tester model 50 - 0 - 50 metering range 5 calibrated mt gaussmeters meter to check the polarity of the residual magnetic fields, testing the strength of the residual magnetic fields and ma...