• Rheon Bakery Equipment KN300 S/S Encruster Up to 60pcs/min 10-300grams 5D2054

    No price - Carol Stream, IL, USA
    • Manufacturer: Rheon

    rheon kn-300 encruster capable of up to 60 pcs/min. has three functions of dividing, forming and filling in one process. last ran chicken and stuffing appetizers. product weight range of 10-300g. ...


    $8,000 - Sydney, Australia
    • Manufacturer: RHEON

    rheon kn - 200 extruding machines. - used for the forming and filling of goods - biscuits, pies etc. - produces ball shaped, ring shaped or cylindrical shapes. - out put depending on product siz...

  • Frigoscandia GCP 42 Spiral freezers

    No price - Łódź, Poland
    • Manufacturer: Frigoscandia

    spiral freezers frigoscandia gcp 42 used machine application: chicken, fish and meat elements capacity: 400-700 kg/h model: gcp 42 technical order: working order power supply: 19 kw dimensions: bel...

  • Laska KT-500-2 vac Cutters and vacuum

    No price - Karlsruhe, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Laska

    cutters and vacuum cutters laska kt-500-2 vac used machine vacuum cutter laska kt 500-2 vac manufacturer austria year of production restored technical data • frequency converter; &bull...

  • Kilia 200 Liter Vakuumkutter Cutters and vacuum

    No price - Koblenz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Kilia

    cutters and vacuum cutters kilia 200 liter vakuumkutter used machine kilia vacuum bowl cutter, 200 liters bowl cutter, bowl and bowl-cover stainless steel, hydraulic noise reduction cover, knife sh...

  • 2005 Korimat KA 160 Autoclaves

    No price - Koblenz, Germany
    • Manufacturer: Korimat

    autoclaves korimat ka 160 used machine korimat ka 160 autoclave, 120 liters, 2.5 bar, mc control, as an autoclave for sterilizing including the measuring of the core temperature, as a rapid pressur...

  • Forming breading line - Koppens 400 and battering machine Stork

    No price - Myre, Norway
    • Manufacturer: Stork

    the line consist of forming machine koppens and buttering machine stork man. year: koppens (2007)  condition: good, working designed for forming and accurate portioning by weight of meat, poultry, ...

  • 2013 Portion cutter Marelec Portio 3

    No price - Myre, Norway

      man. year: 2013 country of origin: belgium high-speed machine for cutting products into portions of pre-set weight and length.  designed for cutting fish fillets, a whole fish, meat and poultry mea...

    • 2000 Norfo B35 Portion Cutter

      No price - Myre, Norway

        norfo b35 portion cutter man. year: 2000 condition: very good the machine is used for portioning fish fillets and whole fish. the product is placed on the conveyer, which speeds  up to 400 mm / sec...

      • Baader 605 – Bone separator

        No price - Myre, Norway Recently Added

          the machine can gently separate meat from waste components, like a bones, veins and skin. it processes fish, deboned turkey drumsticks, chicken backs, legs, wings, tails and necks, turkey and chick...