• 2015 Marel compact CG 60 grader line for 6 bins

    No price - Myre, Norway

      man. year: 2015 condition: excellent 6 bins capacity: 120 pcs/min product size (lxw): 400 x 250 mm weight: up to 3 kg power: 0,5 kw voltage: 230 v/ 50 hz working pressure: 5,5 bar dimensions (lxw):...

    • 15″ Stainless Steel Brackets

      No price - Langley, Canada Recently Added

        15″ x 3″ x 2″ one bin full of brackets available tag number 804 lanfr hq

      • SS Rectangular Trays

        No price - Langley, Canada Recently Added

          each tray is 28″ x 5″ x 4″ 2 bins full tag number 798 lanfr hq

        • Meat pump Stork It includes stainless steel receiving tank and pump. Capacity: 3 tons per hour

          No price - Myre, Norway

            it includes stainless steel receiving tank and pump. meat remains are collected mechanically and automatically loaded into a receiving tank. by using slow working volume high-power pump the meat is...

          • ~350 Ltr Laska Bowl Cutter/Chopper #3841

            No price - Lockerbie, United Kingdom
            • Manufacturer: Laska

            this is a ~350 ltr laska bowl cutter/chopper. this 350 ltrlaska bowl copper | cutter has a full stainless steel finish and a stainless steel bin-lifter, nylon unloading disc-wheel assembly & contro...

          • VEMAG STUFFER

            No price - Bohemia, NY, USA
            • Manufacturer: Vemag

            model dc 1000 with bins.

          • Mixer Mincer

            No price - Auckland, New Zealand Recently Added

              hobart 4352 mixer mincer with "fish bin" style lifter / dumper for feeding.  hobart is 3ph, 10hp, 1425rpm, 13.8amps, full controls, on wheels, stainless steel bowl, mild steel mincing parts.

            • Scanvaeht ScanGrader 7100

              No price - Myre, Norway

                sorting and batching machine (10 bins) condition: good functions: - weight sorting of frozen and fresh products; -  weight and quantity sorting; - batching; completed with accelerating conveyor pri...

              • Double-line grader Marel M3000

                No price - Myre, Norway

                  маn. year: 2004 completed with separator for 16 bins (8 on the each side) the grader is designed for high-precision weight grading. the reliable machine is able to provide intelligent batching to p...

                • Batching grader Marel Speed Batcher SBM-3000

                  No price - Myre, Norway
                  • Manufacturer: SBM

                  the marel speed batcher sbm-3000 is designed for quick collecting batches of small frozen or fresh product. it is suitable for chicken breast, legs, wings, nuggets, tenders, meat pieces or pelagic ...