• 2003 Disc Cutter Fresh Meat Cutter for uniform slice. ZSIGMA

    No price - Lorquí, Spain

      fresh meat cutter for uniform slice. zsigma. disc cutter 2003

    • Frozen Meat Block Cutter. LAINT

      No price - Lorquí, Spain

        frozen meat block cutter. laint. large: 1'40 m | width: 1'20 m | height: 2'40 m

      • APC SLICER Automatic cutter for meat and fish

        No price - Lorquí, Spain

          aew delford revolutionary apc slicer slicers are capable of cutting products, bone-in or boneless, meat or seafood either portions, constant weight at high speeds in uniform cut. this high producti...

        • 2004 Marel IPM3 X600 Meat Portion cutter for meat and fishRelated goods

          No price - Myre, Norway

            man. year: 2004 condition: good, working designed for cutting meat or fish fillet and whole fish into similar-weight portions. it is a dual-lane portion cutter providing a high capacity and the abi...

          • Magurit Fromat 042 Frozen meat cutters

            No price - Niedźwiedź, Poland
            • Manufacturer: Magurit

            frozen meat cutters magurit fromat 042 used machine frozen meat cutter model fromat 042 description: -magurit fromat 042 frozen meat cutter with lift. -cutting dimensions up to 480mm x 250mm x 750m...


            No price - Gorxheimertal, Germany Recently Added
            • Manufacturer: MEISSNER RSM

            div. kutter bowls meissner rsm cast stainless steel + from 35 l / 710 mm bgef3

          • Magurit 054 Frozen meat cutters

            No price - Koblenz, Germany
            • Manufacturer: Magurit

            frozen meat cutters magurit 054 used machine magurit frozen meat cutter more information

          • Equipment for meat processing factory

            No price - Myre, Norway

              vacuum cutter laska kux 500 v (2003) vacuum cutter alpina swopper v330 (2007) vacuum cutter alpina swopper v550 (2007) cutter voronezh l-23-fkv-05 (1990) cutter voronezh l-23-fkv-06 (1993) corner g...

            • Cutter Seydelmann

              No price - Myre, Norway

                bowl capacity: 120 liters designed for grinding and mixing the ingredients. it is widely used for the production of semi-finished meat, poultry and fish. infinitely variable speed blade shaft to 50...

              • Used- Biro Manufacturing Power Meat Cutter, Model 3334SS, 304 Stainless Steel

                No price - Bensenville, IL
                • Manufacturer: Biro Manufacturing

                70266006 used- biro manufacturing power meat cutter, model 3334ss, 304 stainless steel. (2) 16 diameter wheels, top aluminum fixed head. 3200 feet per minute blade speed. driven by a 3 hp, 3/60/22...