• M754 Guillotine Scissors Jörg 4003 / E - sheet metal shears, cut banking

    No price - Dodewaard, Netherlands

      used electric slab scissors angle guide with rule right cutting line illumination is technically fully serviced before delivery and knives are sharpened and adjusted

    • M740 Guillotine Scissors Jörg 4002 / E, sheet metal shears, cut banking

      No price - Dodewaard, Netherlands

        used electric slab scissors, cut bank behind attack angle guide left and right backgauge slidably cutting line illumination is for entirely technical trimmed, among other things, with sharp knives

      • Adira GHO1330 x 13mm Guillotine

        No price - Dundee, United Kingdom Recently Added
        • Manufacturer: Adira
        • Capacity: 3050 x 13mm

        code: st2499 adira gho1330 x 13mm guillotine capacity: 3050 x 13mm | machine with: power back guage

      • Guillotine IDEAL 7228-95 EC3

        $4,564 - Radom, Poland
        • Manufacturer: Ideal

        guillotine ideal 7228-95 ec3machine with a cutting width of 720 mm stack height 80mm, equipped with a programmer ec3, chrome worktable, photocells sick. included is a metal plate under pressure, sp...

      • SAFAN VS Hydraulic guillotine shear 2050x4 mm

        $8,149 - Aarwangen, Switzerland
        • Manufacturer: Safan

        sheet metal lenght x thickness = 2050 x 4 mm wila control backgauge max. enriches the back gauge 1000 mm 400 v weight approx 2900 kg

      • ETH NC Hyd. Shearing machine 4000 x 6 mm

        No price - Roitham, Austria

          eth nc control hydraulic plate shear 4000 x 6mm type: tss 6-40 cutting length 4000 mm schnitstärke to 6 mm sheet downholder 16 pieces stop approximately 3500 x 1000 mm power 15 kw weight 10.000 kg ...

        • Abkant Rulers / Shearing knife

          No price - Roitham, Austria

            accessories abkant rulers - scissors blade etc. dies (dice) 3000 mm different sizes rulers straight cranked various shots blade segments for scissors different set for voest-haco, safan, lvd etc. t...

          • HVS 410 / 12mm hydraulic shears Safan

            No price - Roitham, Austria
            • Manufacturer: Safan

            hvs 4100 x 12 mm safan hydraulic plate shear cutting length 4100 mm schnitstärke to 12 mm sheet downholder 20 minimal cut angle 0.5 ° maximum cutting angle 3 ° blade gap adjustment with handwheel h...

          • Support rails for Shearing

            No price - Roitham, Austria

              accessories scissors support rails etc. metal support rails 2 pieces l = 1500 mm b = 130 mm h = 50 mm tools and many more call u. questions 07613 8282 0664 3072026 comments are closed.

            • 3metre x 6mm guillotine

              No price - Birmingham, United Kingdom

                3metre x 6mm hydraulic guillotine complete with: rapid blade front operated back gauge can be seen working